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Single Particle Nanocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

Single Particle Nanocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

Weilin Xu, Yuwei Zhang, Tao Chen

ISBN: 978-3-527-34329-4 April 2019 304 Pages





Introduces the detailed basis and recent development of single molecule/particle nanocatalysis based on single molecule techniques

This unique book introduces and summarizes the recent development of single molecule/particle nanocatalysis to provide both comprehensive coverage of fundamentals for different methods now in widespread use and the extensive applications in different catalytic systems. Chapters are mainly based on different detection methods, including single molecule fluorescence microscopy, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, X-ray microscopy, and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. The book also includes numerous basic principles of different methods and application examples and features illustrations that help clarify presentations.

Single Particle Nanocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications starts with the history and development of single molecule techniques for nanocatalysis. It then shows readers how single molecule fluorescence microscopy (SMFM) reveals catalytic kinetics and dynamics of individual nanocatalysts. Next, it examines traditional SMFM-based single molecule nanocatalysis without super-resolution (SR) imaging, before moving on to the topic of SMFM-based SR imaging in single molecule nanocatalysis. Following chapters cover scanning electrochemical microscopy for single particle nanocatalysis; surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy for single particle nanocatalysis/reactions; X-ray-based microscopy of single-particle nanocatalysis; and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for single particle nanocatalysis. The book finishes by introducing some less-practiced techniques for single particle nanocatalysis/electrochemistry.

-Presents a systematical and complete introduction to the subject of single particle nanocatalysis?covering all of its fundamentals and applications
-Helps readers fully understand the basis, role, and recent development of single molecule nanocatalysis
-Teaches researchers how to gain new knowledge to successfully conduct their own studies within this rapidly increasing new area of research

Single Particle Nanocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications is an excellent reference book for experts in this area as well as for general researchers who want to learn how to study nanocatalysis at single molecule/particle level.
Chapter 1. The history/development of single-particle nanocatalysis
Chapter 2. Single-molecule nanocatalysis reveals catalytic kinetics and thermodynamics of individual nanocatalysts
Chapter 3. The combination of traditional SMFM with othertechniques for single-molecule/particle nanocatalysis
Chapter 4. Optical Super-Resolution Imaging in Single-Molecule Nanocatalysis
Chapter 5. Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) for single-particle nanocatalysis
Chapter 6. Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy for single-particle nanocatalysis/reaction
Chapter 7. X-ray based microscopy of single-particle nanocatalysis
Chapter 8. Vibrational spectroscopy for single-particle and nanoscale catalysis
Chapter 9. Other techniques for single particle nanocatalysis/electrochemistry