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Sintered Metallic and Ceramic Materials: Preparation, Properties and Applications



Sintered Metallic and Ceramic Materials: Preparation, Properties and Applications

Gopal S. Upadhyaya

ISBN: 978-0-471-98155-8 January 2000 690 Pages


Sintering is one of the most important industrial techniques for optimizing the capabilities of different materials and this book deals exclusively with the state-of-the-art on the processing of sintered materials, both metallic and ceramic. Emphasis is placed on on the relationship between the composition of the material, the powder processing techniques used and the properties of the materials and the applications of end products.

Materials covered include: ferrous (low and high alloy steels) and nonferrous (light and heavy) alloys, rare earth intermetallics, ceramics (oxide and nonoxide) and cermets. The various applications of sintered materials in the automotive, aerospace and defence, machine tool and power industries and in magnetic, electrical, and electronic applications are discussed in the final chapter.

This book will be used by engineers working with sintering techniques and sintered materials and by engineering students studying powder metallurgy. The author is internationally renowned for his work on sintering and sintered materials.
Sintered Low-alloy Ferrous Materials.

Sintered High-alloy Ferrous Materials.

Sintered Copper Alloys.

Sintered Aluminium Alloys.

Sintered Nickel Alloys.

Sintered Titanium and Zirconium Alloys.

Sintered Silver and Lead Alloys.

Sintered Molybdenum and Tungsten Alloys.

Sintered Rare Earth Intermetallics.

Sintered Oxide Ceramics.

Sintered Non-oxide Ceramics.

Sintered Cermets.