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Site Surveying, 2nd Edition

Site Surveying, 2nd Edition

J. Muskett

ISBN: 978-0-632-03848-0

Jul 1995, Wiley-Blackwell

436 pages

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Surveying is an important part of all undergraduate and higher diploma courses in civil engineering and building. This textbook covers a wider range of topics than most other surveying texts, and deals not only with control surveying techniques and equipment but also with setting out practice. The methods described are geared to modern equipment and processes. However, the book emphasises the need to appreciate practical site problems as well as the implications of the latest electronic methods of field work and data handling. The new edition takes into account developments in equipment since 1988.
Introduction and equipment; Detail surveys; Control surveys; Errors and adjustments; Area and volume measurement; Setting out - an introduction; Roadworks I - curve calculations; Roadworks II - setting out; Drains and pipelines; Foundations, temporary works and structures; Underground and marine works
* covers a wide range of topics on surveying and setting out techniques * book deals with the practical problems of setting out on site, drawing on the author's strong industry background * in addition to dealing with aspects of site work rarely covered, e.g. temporary works, the book provides comprehensive coverage of control surveys, errors and adjustments * will meet the needs of HNC/D students as well as undergraduates. Existing texts geared very much to degree courses only