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Skepticism, Volume 10

Skepticism, Volume 10

Ernest Sosa (Editor), Enrique Villanueva (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22265-1

Jan 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

350 pages

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Starting with its tenth (2000) volume, Philosophical Issues will be a yearly one-volume supplement to Noûs. Each year it will be devoted to invited papers and book symposia in a specific area of philosophy.

The yearly has attained distinction through the uniformly high quality of its previous nine volumes and the fact that its authors include many of the most distinguished philosophers active today. The topic of Volume 10 is controversies at the interface of epistemology with philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, including discussion of the sorites paradox and linguistic contextualism on attributions of knowledge.

1 Skepticism and Contextualism. (Ernest Sosa).

2 Skepticism, Tracking, and Warrant. (James E. Tomberlin).

3 The Contextualist Evasion of Epistemology. (Hilary Kornblith).

4 Sensitivity, Indiscernibility And Knowledge. (Keith Leher).

5 Replies. (Ernest Sosa).

6 Contextualism and Externalism: Trading in One Form of Skepticism for Another.

(Robert J. Fogelin).

7 Scrutinizing a Trade. (Jay F. Rosenberg).

8 What Has Contexualism to Do with Skepticism? (Enrique Villanueva).

9 What Has Contexualism and Levels of Scrutiny. (Luis M. Valdes- Villanueva).

10 Is Contextualism Stable ? (Micheal J. Williams).

11 Replies. (Robert J. Fogelin).

12 Contextualism and Skipticism. (Stewart Cohen).

13 Contextualism and the Real Nature of Academic Skipticism. (Peter D. Klein).

14 Reply to Cohen. (John Hawthorne).

15 Scepticism, Contextualism and Closure. (Josep L. Prades).

16 Replies. (Stewart Cohen).

17 Cogency and Question-Begging: Some Reflections on McKinsey’s Paradox.

and Putnam’s Proof. (Crispin Wright).

18 On Wright ‘s Diagnosis of McKinsey’s Argument. (Alfonso Garcia Suarez).

19 Transmission and Closure. (Bob Hale).

20 Warrant-Transmission, Defeaters and Disquotations. (R.M. Sainsbury).

21 Replies. (Crispin Wright).

22 Vagueness and Partial Belief. (Stephen Schiffer).

23 Vagueness and Indirect Disclosure. (Manuel Garcia- Carpintero).

24 Stephen Schiffer’s Theory of Vagueness. (Paul Horwich).

25 Vagueness as a Psychological Notion. (Lourdes Valdivia).

26 Partial Belief and Borderline Cases. (Jorges Rodriguez Marqueze).

27 Vagueness- Related Attitudes. (David Barett).

28 Replies. (Stephen Schiffer).

29 Scepticism and the Principle of Inferential Justification. (John Greco).

30 Scepticism and Epistemic Kinds. (John Greco).

31 The Principle of Inferential Justification,Scepticism and Causal Beliefs.

(Josep E. Corbi).

32 Memory and Justification: Hookway and Fumerton on Scepticism. (Carlos J. Moya and Tobies Grimaltos.

33 Replies. (Christopher Hookway).