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Skinology: The Effect of TENCEL Fibers on Human Skin

Skinology: The Effect of TENCEL Fibers on Human Skin

Lorenz Wied, Johannes Neuhofer, Tom Burrow

ISBN: 978-3-527-33223-6

Oct 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

150 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This very first title to deal with all aspects of lyocell fibers covers everything from molecular properties to dermatological features.
With its inclusion of the results from 35 medical studies on biopolymer-based clothing, this is an invaluable volume for the textile industry, textile engineers, dermatologists, materials scientists, and biotechnologists.

0. Foreword
1. An introduction to textile fibres
a. Hemp
b. Wool
c. Cotton
d. Linen
e. Silk
f. Polyester and artificial fibers
g. Lyocell

2. The new beauty of cellulosic fibers for the human skin and the environment.

3. The human skin and it's interaction with textiles
a. Protective function of the human skin.
b. Protective function of clothing
c. Going to bed with textiles.

4. The human skin -
The most important 2 square meters of life
a. The skin flora is going too sour.
b. Microorganisms, Bacteria and fungi
c. Medical aspects of clothing
d. Cooling effects and anti inflammation effects
e. Working clothes, washing and desinfection.
f. PH-buffer performance
g. Tencel shirts ? a look from the doctor?s perspective
h. Well-beeing and health of the human skin ? prevention!
5. A look into the science of skin and fibers.
a. Studies
b. Studies
c. Studies
6. The paradigm-shift in textile products next to the skin.
7. The Textile Fiber Revolution. Functional Fibers.
a. Reducing the impact of environmental influence on the skin
b. Bio-functional properties ? by nature.
8. The life cycle analysis of fibers.
9. The New Age of textile fibers.
a. Additional functional possibilities
b. Smaller ecologic footprint
c. High Tech ? Top functions for human requirements
10. Le grand tour de Chic -
Fashion as a driving force
a. The apparel industry ? The three C?s ? Cheap ? Chic ? Comfort.
b. The corporate wear industry ? feel good and save in the job.
c. The outdoor wear industry ? function joins fashion
d. The leisure wear industry ? chic is second
11. Gliding into beds, pillows and mattresses. The home textile industry.
a. The new sleep factor
b. Allergies, sweat and good sleep ? sleep tight
c. Rub your back without irritating your skin
d. Composting the rest
12. Rules for the road
13. Epilogue