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Small Business For Dummies - Australia & New Zealand, 5th Australian & New Zealand Edition

Small Business For Dummies - Australia & New Zealand, 5th Australian & New Zealand Edition

Veechi Curtis

ISBN: 978-0-730-32669-4

Nov 2016

392 pages

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Take your small business to new heights

Thinking about starting a new business? Searching for new ways to run your small business better? Whether you're starting your own business from scratch or looking to grow an existing venture, this easy-to-follow guide helps you reach your small business dreams. Covering everything from marketing and business planning to legal structures and building a positive online presence, this updated edition of the bestselling Small Business For Dummies is the essential guide no Australian or New Zealand small business owner should be without!

Unfortunately, nearly half of small businesses in Australia and New Zealand fail within their first year of operation. But the good news is that with the right business acumen, the odds don't have to be stacked against you—and that's where this friendly guide helps! Inside, you'll discover how to develop a blueprint for success with a winning business plan, find your unique selling point and get it out to the masses, deliver on your customers' expectations, secure high rankings on search engines to get your website seen, recruit the best employees to build an unstoppable team and so much more.

  • Includes dedicated chapters for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Covers the rules on superannuation, pay rates and OH&S
  • Shows you how to market your business more effectively
  • Guides you step-by-step through putting your business online

Squash issues before they arise, pounce on opportunities the competition has missed and make your small business thrive with the help of Small Business For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part 1: First Steps 5

CHAPTER 1: Is Small Business for You? 7

CHAPTER 2: Buying a Business 23

CHAPTER 3: Getting into the Franchising Game 39

Part 2: Jump In, Get Wet 55

CHAPTER 4: Planning for Success 57

CHAPTER 5: Getting the Legals Right 77

CHAPTER 6: Financing Your Business 97

Part 3: Killer Marketing 113

CHAPTER 7: Creating Your Marketing Plan 115

CHAPTER 8: Developing Online Strategies 135

CHAPTER 9: Making Service Your Business 157

Part 4: People Power 175

CHAPTER 10: Becoming an Employer 177

CHAPTER 11: The Art of Management 193

Part 5: High Finance 213

CHAPTER 12: Cooking the Books 215

CHAPTER 13: Understanding Financial Statements 229

CHAPTER 14: Calculating Margins and Ratios 249

CHAPTER 15: Taming the Tax Tyrant 267

Part 6: Horses for Courses 287

CHAPTER 16: Especially for Retailers 289

CHAPTER 17: Especially for Manufacturers and Wholesalers 309

CHAPTER 18: Building a Service Business 325

Part 7: The Part of Tens 337

CHAPTER 19: Ten Things to Do If You Hit Hard Times 339

CHAPTER 20: Ten Ways (Almost!) to Make Technology Your Friend 347

Index 357