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Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Barbara Findlay Schenck

ISBN: 978-1-118-31183-7 September 2012 384 Pages


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Harness the power of marketing and watch your business grow

Having your own business isn't the same as having customers, and one is useless without the other. Whether your business is a resale store or a high-tech consulting firm, a law office or a home cleaning service, in today's competitive environment, strategic marketing is essential.

If you want your small business to grow, you need a marketing strategy that works. But how do you get people to notice your business without spending a fortune? Packed with savvy tips for low-cost, high-impact campaigns, this friendly guide is your road map to launching a great marketing campaign and taking advantage of the newest technologies and avenues for outreach.

  • Using social media as a marketing tool
  • Communicating with customers
  • Financing a marketing campaign
  • The companion CD includes tools and templates to give you a jump-start on putting your new skills to work

If you're looking to give your small business' marketing plan an edge over the competition, Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies has you covered.

CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of the e-book file, but are available for download after purchase.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Your Marketing Bearings 7

Chapter 1: Framing the Marketing Process 9

Chapter 2: All about Customers 19

Chapter 3: Seeing Your Product through Your Customers' Eyes 35

Chapter 4: Sizing Up Competitors and Staking Out Market Share 53

Chapter 5: Setting Your Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Budgets 63

Part II: Laying the Foundation for Marketing Success 75

Chapter 6: Taking Stock of Your Business Image 77

Chapter 7: Forging Your Brand 91

Chapter 8: Creating Marketing Communications That Work 107

Chapter 9: Hiring Help When You Need It 125

Part III: Marketing in a Screen-Connected World 139

Chapter 10: Establishing an Online Presence 141

Chapter 11: Getting Interactive with Social Media 159

Chapter 12: Packaging Your Message for Blogs and Other Online Channels 179

Part IV: Getting the Word Out with Ads, Mailers, Promotions, and Publicity 193

Chapter 13: Creating and Placing Print and Outdoor Ads 195

Chapter 14: Broadcasting Your Message on Radio, TV, and Online 213

Chapter 15: Snail-Mailing and E-Mailing Your Customers Directly 227

Chapter 16: Brochures, Promotions, Trade Shows, and More 245

Chapter 17: Public Relations and Publicity 265

Part V: Winning and Keeping Customers 281

Chapter 18: Making Impressions through Networking and Presentations 283

Chapter 19: Making the Sale 295

Chapter 20: Enhancing Customer Service and Developing Loyalty 307

Part VI: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 21: Ten Questions to Answer before Choosing a Business Name 325

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Attract People to Your Business Online 329

Chapter 23: Ten Steps to a Great Marketing Plan 335

Appendix: About the CD 341

Index 349