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Small Enterprise Finance

Small Enterprise Finance

Scott Holmes

ISBN: 978-0-470-80205-2

Feb 2003

368 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Small Enterprise Finance presents the foundations of financial theory and associated management practices. As the Australian economy is dominated by small to medium size enterprises, the text focuses on the manner in which small enterprises finance, plan and manage their financial operations. The operation and ownership of small firms is presented followed by to the practical financing, investing and operational issues.

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Part 1: Theoretical Foundations of Small Enterprise Financial Management
Chapter 1
Financial Management and Small Enterprise
Chapter 2
Economic Theory and Small Enterprise
Chapter 3
Finance Theory and Small Enterprise
Chapter 4
Theoretical Issues in Small Enterprise Financial Management
Chapter 5
Current Small Enterprise Financing Issues
Part 2: Small Enterprise Financial Management in Practice
Chapter 6
Financial Characteristics, Performance and Problems
Chapter 7
Investment, Financing and Profit Distribution Decisions
Chapter 8
Financial Management Practices, Accounting Information and Decision-making
Chapter 9
Financial Aspects of Small Enterprise Ownership
Chapter 10
Valuation and Small Enterprise
Chapter 11
Financial Planning and Small Enterprise Ownership