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Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling, 2nd Edition

Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling, 2nd Edition

Art Sobczak

ISBN: 978-1-118-58871-0

Apr 2013

256 pages

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Proven techniques to master the art of the cold call

Cold calling is not only one of the fastest and most profitable ways to initiate a new sales contact and build business; it's also one of the most dreaded—for the salesperson and the recipient. Smart Calling has the solution: Art Sobczak's proven, never-experience-rejection-again system. Now in an updated 2nd Edition, it offers even smarter tips and techniques for prospecting new business while minimizing fear and rejection.

While other books on cold calling dispense long-perpetuated myths such "prospecting is a numbers game," and salespeople need to "love rejection," this book will empower readers to take action, call prospects, and get a yes every time.

  • Updated information reflects changes and advances in the information gathering that comprises the "smart" part of the calling
  • Further enhances the value and credibility of the book by including more actual examples and success stories from readers and users of the first version
  • Author Art Sobczak's monthly Prospecting and Selling Report newsletter (the longest-running publication of its type) reaches 15,000 readers, and Smart Calling continues to rank in the Top 20 in the Sales books category on and has sold over 20,000 copies

Conquer your fears and master the art of the cold calling through the genius of Smart Calling, 2nd Edition.


SECTION ONE The Smart Calling Concept 5

CHAPTER 1 Cold Calling Is Dumb, but Prospecting Is Necessary: Smart Calling Is the Answer 7

SECTION TWO Pre-Call Planning 19

CHAPTER 2 Creating Your Possible Value Proposition 21

CHAPTER 3 Intelligence Gathering: Making Your Calls Smart 37

CHAPTER 4 Using Social Engineering to Gather Intelligence 57

CHAPTER 5 Setting Smart Call Objectives and Never Being Rejected Again 65

CHAPTER 6 More Smart Ideas for Prior to Your Call 73

SECTION THREE Creating and Placing the Smart Call 85

CHAPTER 7 How to Be Smart with Voice Mail 87

CHAPTER 8 Working with Screeners, Gatekeepers, and Assistants? 99

CHAPTER 9 Opening Statements: What to Avoid to Minimize Resistance 109

CHAPTER 10 Creating Interest with Your Smart Call Opening Statement 123

CHAPTER 11 Handling Early Resistance on Your Smart Calls 133

CHAPTER 12 Using Smart Questions 143

CHAPTER 13 The More Important Side of the Question: Listening 159

CHAPTER 14 Recommending the Next Step 165

CHAPTER 15 Getting Commitment for the Next Action 175

CHAPTER 16 Wrapping Up Calls and Setting Up the Next Action 185

SECTION FOUR Putting It All Together 195

CHAPTER 17 How to Sound Smart: Effective Telephone Communication 197

CHAPTER 18 Getting and Staying Motivated 203

CHAPTER 19 More Smart Calling Success Tips 215

CHAPTER 20 A Smart Call Case Study and Makeovers 221