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Smart Grid Handbook, 3 Volume Set

Smart Grid Handbook, 3 Volume Set

Chen-Ching Liu (Editor-in-Chief), Stephen McArthur (Editor-in-Chief), Seung-Jae Lee (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-1-118-75548-8

Aug 2016

1900 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary coverage of Smart Grid issues from global expert researchers and practitioners.

This definitive reference meets the need for a large scale, high quality work reference in Smart Grid engineering which is pivotal in the development of a low-carbon energy infrastructure. Including a total of 83 articles across 3 volumes The Smart Grid Handbook is organized in to 6 sections: Vision and Drivers, Transmission, Distribution, Smart Meters and Customers, Information and Communications Technology, and Socio-Economic Issues.

Key features:

  • Written by a team representing smart grid R&D, technology deployment, standards, industry practice, and socio-economic aspects.
  • Vision and Drivers covers the vision, definitions, evolution, and global development of the smart grid as well as new technologies and standards.
  • The Transmission section discusses industry practice, operational experience, standards, cyber security, and grid codes.
  • The Distribution section introduces distribution systems and the system configurations in different countries and different load areas served by the grid.
  • The Smart Meters and Customers section assesses how smart meters enable the customers to interact with the power grid.

Socio-economic issues and information and communications technology requirements are covered in dedicated articles.The Smart Grid Handbook will meet the need for a high quality reference work to support advanced study and research in the field of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution. It will be an essential reference for regulators and government officials, testing laboratories and certification organizations, and engineers and researchers in Smart Grid-related industries.

Volume 1

List of Contributors


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1 Definitions, Scope, Visions, and Benefits
Steven E. Widergren and Robert G. Pratt

2 Evolution of Power Grids (Transmission)
Philip N. Overholt and Joseph H. Eto

3 Evolution of the Smart Distribution Grid
Kurt Yeager

4 New Technologies and Standards Enabling Grid Modernization
Clark Gellings and David Wollman

5 Global Survey of Smart Grid Activities
Mustafa A. Biviji, Luciano Martini, Michele De Nigris, Dong-Joo Kang, and Dan Ton

6 Role of Renewable Energy
Weisheng Wang, Ziyu Chen, and Hao Zha

7 Role of Demand Response
Xiaomin Bai

8 Role of Energy Storage
Xuehao Hu

9 Workforce Training and Education on Smart Grids
Chengshan Wang, Peng Li, and Jianzhong Wu


10 Wide Area Monitoring through Synchrophasor Measurement
Yilu Liu, Yong Liu, Ye Zhang, Jiahui Guo, and Dao Zhou

11 DRAFT Online Monitoring of Dynamics with PMU Data
Joe H. Chow

12 Synchrophasor Device Testing and Related Standards
Anurag Srivastava and Saugata Biswas

13 Cascading Failures in Power Systems
Paul D. H. Hines and Pooya Rezaei

14 Remedial Action Schemes and Defense Systems
Yichen Zhang, Mohammad Ehsan Raoufat, and Kevin Tomsovic

15 Modern Energy Management Systems: Real-Time Management of the Interconnected Electricity Grid
Jay Giri

16 Dynamic Security Assessment
Lei Wang, Xi Lin, Fred Howell, and Kip Morison

17 Dynamic-State Estimation
Ali Abur

18 FACTS, HVDC, and Supergrid
Fred Wang, Yalong Li, and Xiaojie Shi

19 Grid Codes in Power Systems with Large Renewable-Based Generation
Istvan Erlich and Fekadu Shewarega

20 Substation Automation Systems
Alexander Apostolov

21 Cybersecurity of SCADA within Substations
Adam Hahn, Chih-Che Sun, and Chen-Ching Liu

22 Standards – Focus on IEC 61970 Transmission Series
Rafael Santodomingo, Mathias Uslar, Michael Specht, Sebastian Rohjans, Gareth Taylor, Stefan Pantea, Martin Bradley and Alan McMorran

23 PMU Hardware and Algorithms
Daniel Dotta, R. Jay Murphy, Tianshu Bi, and Joe H. Chow

24 Industry Practice and Operational Experience of Key Transmission Applications of Smart Grid Technologies
Kenneth E. Martin

25 Power System Restoration
Marino Sforna

26 Load Modeling
Vladimir Terzija and Pawel Regulski

27 Composite System Reliability Evaluation
Chanan Singh and Joydeep Mitra

28 HVDC Networks for OffshoreWind Power
Steve Finney, Lie Xu, and Keith Bell


Volume 2

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29 Introduction to Distribution Systems
Kevin Schneider

30 Control and Management Architectures
Manuel A. Matos, Luís Seca, André G. Madureira, Filipe J. Soares, Ricardo J. Bessa, Jorge Pereira, and João Peças Lopes

31 Communication Solutions for Distribution Systems
Myongsoo Kim

32 Overview of Distributed Energy Resources
Nikos D. Hatziargyriou, Erietta I. Zountouridou, Athanasios Vassilakis, Panayiotis Moutis, Christina N. Papadimitriou, and Anestis G. Anastasiadis

33 Active Management of Electric Vehicles Acting as Distributed Storage
Filipe J. Soares, Pedro M. R. Almeida, Matthias Galus, Pedro N. P. Barbeiro, and João A. P. Lopes

34 Renewable Energy Forecasting
Ricardo J. Bessa, Jethro Dowell, and Pierre Pinson

35 Conservation Voltage Reduction
Francisco de León, Marc Diaz-Aguiló, and Ashhar Raza

36 Grid Monitoring and State Estimation
Thomas E. McDermott

37 Advanced Protection Systems
Alexander Apostolov

38 Power Quality 727
Jovica V. Milanovi´c

39 Defining, Measuring, and Improving Resilience of Electric Power Systems
Ross Guttromson and Jean-Paul Watson

40 Power Electronics for Flexible Distribution Networks
Tim C. Green, Thomas Frost, Adrià Junyent-Ferré, and Paul D. Mitcheson

41 Active Network Management
Graham W. Ault and Robert A. F. Currie

42 Electric Vehicles and V2G Operation
Kithsiri M. Liyanage, Janaka B. Ekanayake, and Chen-Ching Liu

43 Feeder Automation
Chao-Shun Chen, Chia-Hung Lin, Cheng-Ting Hsu, and Te-Tien Ku

44 Distribution Management System (DMS) Integrated Voltage-VAR Control
Seongchul Kwon

45 Reliability Indices
Lin Cheng

46 Cybersecurity of Distribution Devices and Systems
Chee-Wooi Ten and Yonghe Guo

47 Condition Monitoring and Asset Management of Smart Grid
Pramod Bangalore and Lina Bertling Tjernberg

48 IEC 61850 for Distribution System
Klaus-Peter Brand

49 Overview of Smart Grid Project in Korea and Smart Power Grid Field Test
Boknam Ha

50 Industry Practice and Operational Experience of Key Distribution Applications of Smart Grid Technologies
Hirotaka Takano, Kiyonori Kawamura, and Tatsuya Iizaka

51 Microgrids in Distribution
Nikos D. Hatziargyriou, Vasilis A. Kleftakis, Christina N. Papadimitriou, and George M. Messinis

52 Integration of Solar Photovoltaics
Qing-Chang Zong, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, and Víctor Miñambres-Marcos

53 Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Using IEC 61580 with Cyber Security and Resilience Guidelines
Frances M. Cleveland

54 IEC 61968: Integration of Distribution Systems
Tatjana Kostic, Margaret Goodrich, Scott Neumann, and Michael Stanislawski

55 Phasor Measurements for Distribution System Applications
Emma M. Stewart and Alexandra von Meier

Volume 3

List of Contributors


Abbreviations and Acronyms


56 Smart Meters and Residential Customers
Sarah J. Darby

57 Meter Data Collection, Management, and Analysis
Tim Wolf

58 Utilization and Customer Behavior: Smart Choices for the Smart Grid
Katrina Jessoe, David Rapson, and Jeremy B. Smith

59 Cyber Security of Smart Meters
Abel Sanchez, Depeng Li, Zeyar Aung, and John R. Williams

60 Demand Response at Distribution Grids: Exploiting Flexible Power Electronics Interfaces
Zach Taylor, Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, and Ali Davoudi

61 Operational Experience of Microgrids
Young-Jun Choi, In-Sun Choi, Hak-Ju Lee, and Woo-Kyu Chae

62 Demand-Side Response/Home Energy Management
Hideo Ishii, Wataru Hirohashi, Masataka Mitsuoka, and Yasuhiro Hayashi

63 Demand Response
Robert G. Pratt and Jason C. Fuller

64 Standards, Security, and Smart Meters
Michael Stuber

65 Factors Influencing Adoption of Smart Meters
Diana Moneta and Giuseppe Mauri

66 Smart Meter Health and Exposure Assessment Research
Robert G. Olsen, Robert Kavet, and Richard A. Tell


67 New Approaches to Interoperability
Ronald F. Ambrosio

68 Smart Grid Interoperability Standards
Erich W. Gunther

69 Application of Distributed Intelligence to Industrial Demand Response
Chun S. Lai, Fangyuan Xu, Malcolm McCulloch, and Loi L. Lai

70 Industry Practice and Operational Experience of ICT
Charlie Arteaga

71 Transactive Energy Systems
Mark Knight

72 Physical Hardware-in-the-Loop Modeling and Simulation
Andrew Roscoe, Efren Guillo-Sansano, and Graeme Burt

73 Data Analytics for Transmission and Distribution
Victoria M. Catterson and Stephen D. J. McArthur

74 System-Level Simulation for Future Smart Grids
Jinjun Xiong


75 The Socio-Economics of the Smart Grid – An Introduction
Michael G. Pollitt

76 Data Privacy and Social Acceptance of Smart Meters
Marta Rocha

77 Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Connections of Renewable Distributed Generation Projects: A Guide
Karim L. Anaya

78 Impact on Electricity Markets
Richard Green and Robert Webb

79 Behavioral Aspects of Smart Meters
Michelle Baddeley

80 Market Design in the Smart Grid
Thomas Greve

81 Platform Markets and Energy Services
Claire M. Weiller and Michael G. Pollitt

82 Implications of Smart Grid Innovation for Organizational Models in Electricity Distribution
Lynne Kiesling

83 Regulation of Smart Grids
Leonardo Meeus, Samson Y. Hadush, and Ilan Momber

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