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Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

John L. Mariotti

ISBN: 978-1-841-12585-5

Feb 2007, Capstone

320 pages

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Most people think that marketing has entered a new era thanks to the Internet, e-commerce and the worldwide explosion in communications and computing infrastructure. They're probably right, but smart marketers know that even in the new economy the fundamentals of marketing are as valid as ever.

Smart marketers are up to speed with developments in technology. The smartest of all know that people are still people and relationship matter a lot - especially in marketing. Customers are people with motives, emotions, needs and wants, and smart marketers stay close to them.

If you really want to be one of the top marketers in the new economy this is the right book for you. Smart Marketing gives you everything you need to know to stay ahead of the field. At the end of it you will understand the five smartest things to know about marketing:

* You must have a plan * Get close to your customers * Do your homework * Remember relationships * Use the speed and reach of technology

The Five Smartest things to Know about Marketing.

Part I Marketing and the Business.

1. The Past and Present of Marketing.

2. Marketing and Strategy.

3. Defining Marketing and Creating the Marketing Plan.

Part II The Fundamentals.

4. The Basics of Marketing.

5. Advertising, Selling and Fulfillment.

Part III The Defining Markets.

6. Industrial Marketing.

7. Consumer Marketing.

Part IV Trends that are Shaping Marketing.

8. Marketing and the 'Monster'.

9. The Globalization of Marketing.

10. Marketing Relationships.

11. The Future: Marketing in the New Economy.

Smart People to Have on Your Side.