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Smart Momentum: The Future of Predictive Analysis in the Financial Markets

Smart Momentum: The Future of Predictive Analysis in the Financial Markets

Hugh Clark

ISBN: 978-0-471-48644-2

Aug 2001

100 pages

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Fast technological advances have allowed investors and traders to make increasingly sophisticated analysis of market momentum. The current trend in the financial world continues towards momentum analysis and Smart Momentum builds on this to create a new and far more reliable method of momentum analysis called "smart momentum". This dependable technique has opened up new possibilities in investment strategy and this book looks at both the theory and the application. The reader is guided through the techniques of smart momentum in clear accessible language.
* Hugh Clark has vast investment experience and provides practical and proven examples of smart momentum in practice.
* Explains in a highly practical manner the totally new technique developed by the author
* Contains a complete worked example of the whole technique


Momentum Preliminaries.

Indicator Creation.

Indicator Selection.

Indicator Combination.

System Maintenance.

Risk Management.



Spreadsheet Preliminaries.

How to Apply Indicator Creation.

How to Apply Indicator Selection.

How to Apply Indicator Combination.

Performance and Maintenance.

Appendix 1: Excel Functions.

Appendix 2: Indicator Variations.