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Smart Risk

Smart Risk

Andrew Holmes

ISBN: 978-1-841-12618-0

Aug 2004, Capstone

276 pages



We all know that the future is uncertain, but rather than make any attempt to actively manage our futures in a consistent way, we tend to make broadbrush assumptions based on common-sense and intuition alone. Successfully managing risk is a primary ingredient for success in a fast-paced environment where we are bombarded by the need to make critical decisions, often with little or no solid facts available and little insight into the likely outcomes.
Smart Things to Know About Risk Management, in a step-by-step approach, shows the reader what is risk management and why it matters, the categories of risk, how to achieve the right balance of risk, knowing your risk appetite, how to actively manage your risks and develop a risk culture and techniques, tools and models for managing risk. Case studies are also included.
* Perfect for the SMART treatment - this book starts from basics, assumes no prior knowledge and gives a step-by-step approach.
* Step-by-step approach. Covers the background to risk and risk management as well as practical application and techniques, tools and models for managing risk.
* Written by a highly experienced practitioner with a formidable working knowledge in this area.
Introduction: You Can't Escape Risk.

1. The Foundations of Risk Management.

2. Categories of Risk.

3. Smart Thinking I: Know Your Risk Appetite.

4. Smart Thinking II: Formalise the Process.

5. Smart Thinking III: Develop a Risk Culture.

6. Smart thinking IV: Learn From Success and Failure.

7. Risk Management and Decision Support.

8. Risk Management and Innovation.

9. Looking Forward to a Risk-free Future?