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Smart Trading Plans: A Step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets



Smart Trading Plans: A Step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets

Justine Pollard, Eva Diaz (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-742-16917-0 December 2011 Wrightbooks 264 Pages


Trading is a business and, and as with any business, those businesses who survive and thrive have a business plan in place. Smart Trading Plans guides readers through defining and documenting a trading plan which applies to their individual trading business. Smart Action Steps and example plan elements are included to guide readers through and illustrate the process of developing a plan.

Smart Trading Plans guides readers through the following:

  • Creating a trading system
  • Developing a trading routine
  • Selecting the right trading tools
  • Entries, exits and trade management
  • Understanding risk and money management
  • Developing a profitable mindset
  • Strategies for trading

Complete with useful trading tips and bonus planning templates (available at, Smart Trading Plans is essential reading for all savvy traders.

Acknowledgements vii

Foreword ix

Introduction xiii

Part I: Your business of trading

Chapter 1: Trading is a business 3

Chapter 2: Trading psychology 7

Chapter 3: Technical analysis overview 13

Part II: Trading plan: the foundations

Chapter 4: Goals and objectives 31

Chapter 5: Trading structure 41

Chapter 6: Trading tools 55

Part III: Trading plan: methodology

Chapter 7: Trading style 67

Chapter 8: Trading instruments 75

Part IV: Trading plan: indicators

Chapter 9: Indicators 85

Chapter 10: Moving averages 93

Chapter 11: MACD histogram 101

Chapter 12: Average true range 107

Chapter 13: Volume 111

Part V: Trading plan: risk management

Chapter 14: Risk and money management 117

Chapter 15: Stop losses 127

Chapter 16: Market exposure guidelines 135

Part VI: Trading plan: system development

Chapter 17: The trading system 143

Chapter 18: The entry 147

Chapter 19: Trade management and the exit 155

Chapter 20: Trading routine 163

Part VII: Trading plan: analysis and backup

Chapter 21: Trading performance and analysis 177

Chapter 22: Contingency plans 189

Chapter 23: Personal rules 193

Part VIII: Review

Chapter 24: Real trading 199

Chapter 25: Conclusion 217

Appendix A: the trading plan 219

Appendix B: resources 227

Glossary 229

Index 241