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So You Are a Chef: Managing Your Culinary Career



So You Are a Chef: Managing Your Culinary Career

Lisa M. Brefere, Karen E. Drummond, Brad Barnes

ISBN: 978-1-118-55866-9 October 2012 160 Pages

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Preparing a resume, putting together a job search portfolio, finding potential employers, interviewing, and generally advancing one's culinary career can be daunting.  So You Are a Chef helps readers determine which culinary career path best suits his/her needs, set career goals, write up a resume, prepare a portfolio, contact prospective employers and interview for positions.  Students are walked through the process of all this in the hopes of helping them achieve career success.  So You are a Chef covers everything from getting potential job candidates pass the 30-second test and win interviews to networking and becoming an active member in professional organizations.   

Each copy of the book includes a CD-ROM filled with helpful electronic tools, including

  • Resume worksheet and checklist
  • Resume templates
  • Portfolio worksheet and checklist
  • Job log
  • Cover letter templates
  • Thank you letter templates
  • and goal-setting chart

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Introduction v

How to Use So You Are a Chef vi


Resources for Instructors vii

Acknowledgments vii

CHAPTER 1 Write Your Resume 1

Introduction 1 Types of Resumes 1

The Ingredients of a Great Resume 6

How to Write Your Resume 7

Edit and Proofread 30

Scannable Resumes 30

Everything You Need to Know about References 31

Exercises 33

Profile: LEE COCKERELL, Executive Vice President of Operations, Walt Disney World® Resort (recently retired) 34

CHAPTER 2 Put Together a Job Search Portfolio 47

Introduction 47

Do I Really Need a Portfolio? 48

Choose How to Organize 49

Collect the Contents 50

Get Supplies 53

Put the Portfolio Together 53

Evaluate Your Portfolio 56

Use a Portfolio in an Interview 57

Keep Your Portfolio Up to Date 58

Exercises 58

CHAPTER 3 Beyond the Want Ads: How to Locate and Contact Prospective Employers 59

Introduction 59

General Guidelines 59

Search the Hidden Job Market 61

Search the Public Market 65

The Internet 68

Following Up on Contacts 72

Filling Out Applications 72

Writing Cover Letters 72

Exercises 76

CHAPTER 4 Three-Step Interviewing 77

Introduction 77

Before the Interview 78

During the Interview 83

After the Interview 93

Follow-Up 97

Employment Testing 97

Tips for Special Situations 101

If You Get a Job Offer 103

Exercises 105

Profile: L. TIMOTHY RYAN, EdD, CMC, President, The Culinary Institute of America 107

CHAPTER 5 Advancing Your Career 117

Introduction 117

Succeeding in a Professional Kitchen 118

Setting Career Goals 118

When You Leave a Job 119

Mentors 121

Professional Organizations 122

Certifications 123

American Academy of Chefs 123

Lifelong Learning 126

Exercises 127

Appendix A Culinary Professional Organizations 129

Index 139

  •  Only book solely dedicated to the culinary professional’s job search
  • Organized into five extensive chapters, each tackling a vital step in finding the best possible culinary job
  • "On the Job with Culinary and Foodservice Professionals” features and full job descriptions included
  • Includes CD-ROM containing Job and Career Inventory Checklists, Résumé Worksheets, Portfolio Templates, Interview Worksheets, and more
  • Supplementary materials include an online Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint slides