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Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, Volume 11

Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, Volume 11

Ernest Sosa (Editor), Enrique Villanueva (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-23027-4

Feb 2003, Wiley-Blackwell

400 pages

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This volume represents the main papers delivered by both prominent and rising philosophers at the 1999 SOFIA conference in Mazatlan, Mexico. The volume contains twenty substantial papers spanning important issues of current interest including sexuality and consent, rights and scarcity, democracy and individualism, and the nature of law and the value of punishment.

1 “I Thought She Consented” (Marcia W. Baron).

2 Against Constitutive Incommensurability or Buying and Selling Friends (Ruth Chang).

3 Law and Social Order (Russell Hardin).

4 Rapes Without Rapists: Consent and Reasonable Mistake (Douglas N. Husak and George C. Thomas III).

5 What We Can Reasonably Reject (Thomas W. Pogge).

6 A Place for Cost-Benefit Analysis (David Schmidtz).


7 Against Rights (Richard J. Arneson).

8 Managing Scarcity: Toward a More Political Theory of Justice (Robert E. Goodin).

9 A Critique of Philip Pettit's Republicanism (Charles Larmore).

10 Classical Realism (Brian Leiter).

11 Deliberative Democracy and the Discursive Dilemma (Philip Pettit).

12 On the Territorial Rights of States (A. John Simmons).

13 Inequality: A Complex, Individualistic, and Comparative Notion (Larry S. Temkin).


14 The Conventioanlity Thesis (Jules L. Coleman).

15 Egalitarianism and the Problem of Tort Liability (Michael L. Corrado).

16 Reconciling Autonomy and Efficiency in Contract Law: The Vertical Integration Strategy (Jody S. Kraus).

17 The Judicial Community (Christopher Kutz).

18 Law as Command: The Model of Command in Modern Jurisprudence (Gerald J. Posterna).

19 Criminal Justice and Legal Reparations as an Alternative to Punishment (Geoffrey Sayre-McCord).

20 Judicial Can’t (Scott J. Shapiro).