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Social Beings: Core Motives in Social Psychology, 3rd Edition

Social Beings: Core Motives in Social Psychology, 3rd Edition

Susan T. Fiske

ISBN: 978-1-118-80376-9

Dec 2013

706 pages



Providing an entertaining yet responsible look at how humans influence each other, Social Beings, 3rd Edition offers a refreshingly new approach, while maintaining the standard chapter topics of traditional social psychology texts.

Focusing on the five core social motives-to belong, to understand, to control, to self-enhance, and to trust, author Susan Fiske provides a highly readable and engaging narrative flow that integrates material showing the field’s relevance to human problems and incorporates motivation, social evolution, and culture, not as after-thoughts, but as intrinsic features of the text. The third edition seamlessly mixes classic research with cutting edge topics that affect the current world of social psychology.

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Chapter 1 Introduction: Adaptive Motives for Social Situations, Via Cultures And Brains

Chapter 2 Scientific Methods for Studying People in Interaction

Chapter 3 Ordinary Personology: Figuring Out Why People Do What They Do

Chapter 4 Social Cognition: Making Sense of Others 

Chapter 5 The Self: Social to The Core

Chapter 6 Attitudes and Persuasion: Changing Hearts and Minds

Chapter 7 Attraction: Initiating Romance, Friendship, and Other Relationships

Chapter 8 Close Relationships: Passion, Interdependence, Commitment, and Intimacy

Chapter 9 Helping: Prosocial Behavior

Chapter 10 Aggression: Antisocial Behavior

Chapter 11 Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination: Social Biases

Chapter 12 Small Groups: Ongoing Interactions

Chapter 13 Social Influence: Doing What Others Do and Say

Chapter 14 Conclusion: Social Beings

  • Updated literature throughout the text.
  • Emphasizes the core social motives: Belonging, Understanding, Controlling, Enhancing Self, and Trusting.
  • Presents a truly social approach to adaptation that is at once progressive, responsible, and complete.
  • Offers a balanced view of the intellectual development of the field, featuring both classic materials that provide a historical context and cutting-edge work that demonstrates contemporary excitement.
  • Weaves coverage of gender and ethnicity into the narrative of the text.
  • Integrates culture throughout, providing students with a realistic sense of how social psychology operates in an increasingly multi-cultural world.
  • Applications, which are integral to the chapters, demonstrate the utility of social psychology to solve real-world problems.