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Social CRM For Dummies

Social CRM For Dummies

Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

ISBN: 978-1-118-24249-0

Jan 2013

360 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Discover great ways to engage your customers through the social web

Social CRM is an evolving tool to help you engage your customers, interact with them, and develop deeper relationships. This handy guide teaches you how to make the most of it, whether your business is a small shop or a large corporation. In a friendly, easy-to-understand style, it explains how you can create new marketing communications and develop smart, applicable content that produces results from your online community. You'll learn to use data to drive results, create social Key Performance Indicators for different business units, and a great deal more.

  • Today's consumer uses technology to select relationships with companies; this book teaches business owners how to use social CRM to create relationships that customers want to maintain
  • Explains how to integrate social media into your CRM mix
  • Shows how to use data and information gathered through social sites
  • Helps you develop social KPIs and create content that gets results from your online community

Social CRM For Dummies helps businesses large and small use social media to develop and maintain productive customer relationships.

Introduction 1

Part I: Welcome to the World of Social CRM 7

Chapter 1: Implementing the New Social Business 9

Chapter 2: Meeting the New Kid on the Block: Social CRM 15

Chapter 3: Overcoming Challenges to Social CRM 29

Chapter 4: Courting the Social Customer 37

Part II: Building Your Social CRM Strategy 49

Chapter 5: Establishing the New Social Business Model 51

Chapter 6: Refreshing Marketing 2.0 for Social CRM 65

Chapter 7: Using the Social Media in Social CRM 73

Chapter 8: Aligning Sales in Social CRM 125

Chapter 9: Building a Customer Loyalty and Advocacy Program 157

Chapter 10: Creating Socially Relevant Customer Service 179

Chapter 11: Supporting the Age of Mobility 209

Part III: Developing a Social and Collaborative Business 225

Chapter 12: Building a Social Organization 227

Chapter 13: Enabling and Empowering Your Employees 237

Part IV: Measuring the Impact of Social CRM 257

Chapter 14: Analyzing Data to Drive Results 259

Chapter 15: Keeping Up with Evolving Technology 271

Part V: The Part of Tens 279

Chapter 16: Top Ten Enterprise-Level Social CRM Solutions 281

Chapter 17: Top Ten Customer Service–Centric Social CRM Solutions 289

Chapter 18: Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders 297

Chapter 19: Top Ten Small Business Social CRM Vendors 305

Chapter 20: Top Ten Cross-Channel Marketing Vendors 313

Index 321

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