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Social Identity: Context, Commitment, Content

Social Identity: Context, Commitment, Content

Naomi Ellemers (Editor), Russell Spears (Editor), Bertjan Doosje (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20691-0

Sep 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages

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Social identity has been at the heart of European experimental social psychology for the past 25 years, and has been of growing interest in North America during the past decade where research in the field has expanded significantly. This text fills the need for an overview of recent developments in social identity theory, covering both theoretical and empirical work.
Foreword: John C Turner (Australia National University).

1. Social Identity Theory: Where Are We Now?: John C Turner.

2. An Introduction to the Contributors: Naomi Ellemers, Russell Spears and Bertjan Doosje.

3. Types Of Identity Threats And Their Self Esteem Consequences: Nyla Branscombe (University of Kansas), Naomi Ellemers, Russell Spears and Bertjan Doosje.

4. Dealing With Deprivation: The Role of Social Identity Salience: Heather Smith (Berkeley) and Russell Spears.

5. Commitment and the Context of Intergroup Perceptions: Russell Spears, Naomi Ellemers and Bertjan Doosje.

6. Identity Needs and Contextual Restrictions: Naomi Ellemers, Manuela Barreto (Free University, Amsterdam) and Russell Spears.

7. Social Identity, Social Norms and Social Influence: Tom Postmes (University of Amsterdam), Russell Spears and Martin Lea (University of Manchester).

8. Linguistic Communication Biases in Intra and Intergroup Contexts: Russell Spears, Daniel Wigboldus (Free University, Amsterdam) and Gun Semin (Free University, Amsterdam).

9. Group Commitment and Intergroup Behavior: Bertjan Doosje, Naomi Ellemers and Russell Spears.

10. Affect, Commitment and Collective Effort: Naomi Ellemers, Jaap Ouwerkerk (Free University, Amsterdam) and Dick de Gilder (University of Amsterdam).

11. Group Distinctiveness and Intergroup Discrimination: Russell Spears, Tony Manstead (University of Amsterdam) and Jolanda Jetten (University of Amsterdam).

* Provides the first true introduction to social identity theory.
*Contributions from some of the leading theorists in the field.
* Foreword by John C. Turner - one of the founding fathers of social identity theory.