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Social Psychology, Canadian Edition

Social Psychology, Canadian Edition

Catherine A. Sanderson, Saba Safdar

ISBN: ES8-0-470-67809-1


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Social psychology students in today?s Canadian classroom are different than they were ten year ago. Today?s students vary considerably in their backgrounds, interests, and experiences, and live in a connected world with minimal boundaries in culture or citizenship. Most social psychology instructors would agree that in this interconnected world it is essential for today?s students to comprehend human social behavior in a global context, and that a key facilitator to this understanding is the inclusion of cross-cultural references and research in their course materials. Social psychology classrooms and students have literally transformed in the last ten years; social psychology textbooks have responded with ?updates?.

Until now.

Social Psychology 1st Canadian Edition is the first social psychology textbook written specifically to address the discipline of social psychology as it exists today. A global context and cross-cultural content have been woven into the fabric of the text illustrating to Canadian students that understanding culture is key to understanding social behavior. Paired with strong neuroscience content, recent and relevant Canadian research, and online resources that take students from passive observers to active participants, this unique text is a necessary and timely resource for Canadian social psychology students.

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1. Introducing Social Psychology
2. Research Methods
3. Self-Perception
4. Social Perception
5. Social Cognition
6. Attitude Formation and Change
7. Persuasion
8. Social Influence
9. Group Processes
10. Intergroup Relations (NEW CHAPTER)
11. Stereotype, Prejudice, and Discrimination
12. Aggression
13. Altruism and Prosocial Behaviour
14. Attraction and Close Relationships
*Cross- cultural content *Unique chapters on inter-group and intra-group processes *Canadian research and stories *Unique Research Focus on Neuroscience and Gender in each chapter *Questioning the Research *Make Connections. Rate Yourself. Take Action. *Social psychology in action.