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Social Skills and the Speech Impaired, 2nd Edition

Social Skills and the Speech Impaired, 2nd Edition

Lena Rustin, Armin Huhr

ISBN: 978-1-897-63556-8

Mar 1999

286 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This book covers the specific problems faced by the speech impaired in dealing with social aspects of communication. The major part of the book deals with the concept of social skills training, the role of the therapist, assessment planning and follow-up; the remainder consists of exercises to be carried out by the therapist for patients with specific deficiencies. This 2nd edition has been revised to take account of recent developments in the field.


Part 1 Introduction.

1. Fundational Principles.

2. Non-verbal Communication Behaviours.

3. Cognition and Communication.

4. Principles and Elements of Training.

5. Group Therapy.

6. Social Skills Training for the Speech and Language Impaired.

7. Developing Social Communical Skills within the Mainstream School Context by Claire Topping.

8. Theoretical Issues in Social Skills Assessment.

Part II

9. Exercises.

Practical Activities.

Appendix: Chart for Practical Activities.