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Sociological Methodology, Volume 23, 1993

Sociological Methodology, Volume 23, 1993

Peter Marsden (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86464-2

Dec 1993, Wiley-Blackwell

432 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Sociological Methodology, published on behalf of the American Sociological Association is a valuable aid to the understanding and use of methodologies, providing techniques and perspectives on research that can be used to strengthen sociological and other types of social science reasoning.

The journal is of interest to those involved in the study of statistics, psychometrics, ecometrics and political methodology, as well as to methodologists in sociology. Each annual volume is an important record of the current state of social science methodology, and a crucial addition for social research libraries worldwide.

Prologue by Peter Marsden.

1. Identification Problems in the Social Sciences. (Charles F. Manski).

2. On Strategy for Methodological Analysis. (Clifford C. Clogg and Gerhard Arminger).

3. Coding Choices for Textual Analysis. A Comparison of Content Analysis and Map Analysis. (Kathleen Carley).

4. Using Galois Lattices to Represent Network Data. (Linton C. Freeman and Douglas R. White).

5. Confirmatory Tetrad Analysis. (Kenneth A. Bollen and Kwok fai-Ting).

6. Correlation and Association Models for Studying Measurements on Ordinal Relations. (Katherine Faust and Stanley Wasserman).

7. Event-History Analysis for Left-Truncated Data. (Guang Guo).

8. Competing Hazards with Shared Unmeasured Risk Factors. (Daniel H. Hill, William G. Axinn and Arland Thornton).

9. Modeling Time-Varying Effects of Covariates in Event-History Analysis Using Statistics from the Saturated Hazard Rate Model. (Kazuo Yamaguchi).

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"The Sociological Methodology series has accumulated increasing respect among social scientists for publishing high-quality expository essays on research methods and articles presenting innovative contributions to the development of such methods." Contemporary Sociology