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Sociological Methodology, Volume 26, 1996

Sociological Methodology, Volume 26, 1996

Adrian Raftery (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-577-18109-5

Jan 1997, Wiley-Blackwell

244 pages

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Sociological Methodology is an annual volume on methods of research in the social sciences.

The work of Clifford Clogg:.

1. Clifford Collier Clogg: 1949-1995: A Tribute to his Life and Work: Michael E. Sobel.

Catagorical Data Analysis:.

2. Some Log-linear Fixed-Effect Latent-Trait Markov-Chain Models: A Dynamic Analysis of Personal Efficacy Under the Influence of Divorce/Widowhood: Kazuo Yamaguchi.

3. Multiple Group Association Models with Latent Variables: An Analysis of Secular Trends in Abortion Attitudes, 1972-1988: Allan L. McCutcheon.

4. Negative Multinomial Regression Models for Clustered Event Counts: Guang Guo.

Multivariate Data Analysis:.

5. Characterizing Latent Structure: Factor Analytic and Grade of Membership Models: Margaret Mooney Marini, Xiaoli Li and Pi-Ling Fan.

Model Uncertainty and Macrosociology:.

6. Vague Theory and Model Uncertainty in Macrosociology: Bruce Western.

Social Exchange Networks:.

7. The Structure of Social Exchange Networks: A Game-Theoretic Reformulation of Blau's Model: James D. Montgomery

* Invaluable aid to the understanding and use of methodologies.
* Addresses the full range of problems confronted by empirical work in the contemporary social sciences.
* International in scope with regular world-wide contributors, editors, and readers.