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Sociological Methodology, Volume 41, 2011



Sociological Methodology, Volume 41, 2011

Tim Futing Liao (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-26655-7 February 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 300 Pages


The 2011 volume of Sociological Methodology continues a 43-year tradition of providing cutting-edge methodology for sociological research. Under the editorship of Tim F. Liao, three features are prominent in this volume:

  • Appropriate and practical methods for substantive social science research.
  • Contributions by both sociologists and non-sociologists that have important methodological implications for the social sciences.
  • Dedication to publishing purely methodological work that may benefi t sociology and the broader social sciences.
1. How Not to Lie with Ethnography  Mitchell Duneier

2. Dealing with Extreme Response Style in Cross-Cultural Research: A Restricted Latent Class Factor Analysis Approach Meike Morren, John P. T. M Gellisen, and Jeroen K. Vermunt

3. Accounting for Misclassification Bias in Binary Outcome Measures of Illness: The Case of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Male Veterans Elizabeth Savoca

4. Inferring Logit Models from Empirical Margins Using Proxy Data Ju-Sung Lee and Kathleen Carley

5. Biases of Parameter Estimates in Misspecified Structural Equation Models Stanislav Kolenikov

6. Entropy-Based Segregation Indices Ricardo Mora and Javier Ruiz-Castillo

7. A Transition-Oriented Approach to Optimal Matching Torsten Biemann

8. Decomposition of Inequality Among Groups by Counterfactual Modeling: An Analysis of the GenderWage Gap in Japan Kazuo Yamaguchi

9. Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Social Network Data via Conditional Uniform Graph Quantiles Carter T. Butts

10. Bernoulli Graph Bounds for General Random Graphs Carter T. Butts

11. On Respondent-Driven Sampling and Snowball Sampling in Hard-to-Reach Populations and Snowball Sampling Not in Hard-to-Reach Populations Leo A. Goodman

12. Snowball Versus Respondent-Driven Sampling Douglas D. Heckathorn

13. On the Concept of Snowball Sampling  Mark S. Handcock and Krista J. Gile

14. Errata