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Sociology For Dummies, UK Edition

Sociology For Dummies, UK Edition

Nasar Meer, Jay Gabler

ISBN: 978-1-119-99184-7

Mar 2011

384 pages



Sociology For Dummies helps you understand the complex field of sociology, serving as the ideal study guide both when you're deciding to take a class as well as when you are already participating in a course. Avoiding jargon, Sociology For Dummies will get you up to speed on this widely studied topic in no time.

Sociology For Dummies, UK Edition:

  • Provides a general overview of what sociology is as well as an in-depth look at some of the major concepts and theories.
  • Offers examples of how sociology can be applied and its importance to everyday life
  • Features an in-depth look at social movements and political sociology
  • Helps you discover how to conduct sociological research
  • Offers advice and tips for thinking about the world in an objective way

Part I: The Basic Basics.

Chapter 1: Sociology: Getting Your Head around It.

Chapter 2: What Is Sociology, and Why Should I Care?

Chapter 3: Making It Up As They Went Along: The History of Sociology.

Chapter 4: Research Methods: Because You Can’t Put Society in a Test Tube.

Part II: Seeing Society Like a Sociologist.

Chapter 5: Socialisation: What is 'Culture,' and Where Can I Get Some?

Chapter 6: Microsociology: If Life Is a Game, What Are the Rules?

Part III: Equality and Inequality in Our Diverse World.

Chapter 7: Caught in the Web: The Power of Networks.

Chapter 8: Social Stratifi cation: We're All Equal, But Some of Us Are More Equal Than Others.

Chapter 9: Gender and Ethnicity: I Know My Race, But Where's the Finish Line?

Chapter 10: Ways of Belonging: Citizenship and National Identities.

Chapter 11: Getting Religion: Faith in the Modern World.

Chapter 12: Crime and Deviance: I Fought the Law . . . and I Won!

Part IV: All Together Now: The Ins and Outs of Social Organisation.

Chapter 13: Corporate Culture: The Study of Organisations (and Disorganisations).

Chapter 14: The Rules of the Game: Social Movements and Political Sociology.

Chapter 15: Urban Sociology and Demographics: (Ain’t No) Love in the Heart of the City.

Part V: Sociology and Your Life.

Chapter 16: The Family and the Life Course.

Chapter 17: Future Passed: Understanding Social Change.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Sociology Books That Don’t Feel Like Homework.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Use Sociological Insight in Everyday Life.

Chapter 20: Ten Myths About Society Busted by Sociology.