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Sociology for AQA Revision Guide 2: 2nd-Year A Level



Sociology for AQA Revision Guide 2: 2nd-Year A Level

Ken Browne

ISBN: 978-1-509-51629-2 June 2017 Polity 120 Pages


The essential revision guide for A–level Sociology from trusted and best–selling author Ken Browne.

Together with Sociology for AQA Revision Guide 1, this indispensable book provides everything you need to revise for the exams, with a clear topic–by–topic layout to recap key theories and central ideas.

The revision guide maps perfectly onto Ken Browne, Jonathan Blundell and Pamela Law's Sociology for AQA Volume 2 with each topic cross–referenced to the main textbook so you can revisit any sections you need to.

The book includes a guide to exam questions – and how to answer them – with sample worked answers showing how to achieve top marks. All specification options are covered, with exam tips throughout the book.

With this revision guide to take you through the exam and Sociology for AQA Volume 2 to develop your sociological imagination, Ken Browne provides the complete resource for success in sociology.
About this guide
1. Preparing for the Exam and Answering Questions
2. Beliefs in Society
3. Global Development
4. The Media
5. Stratification and Differentiation
6. Theory and Methods
7. Crime and Deviance