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Software Engineering Project Management

Richard H. Thayer (Editor), Edward Yourdon

ISBN: 978-0-818-68000-7 November 1997 Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr 552 Pages


Newly revised for 2001, this second edition of Richard Thayer's popular, bestselling book presents a top-down, practical view of managing a successful software engineering project. The book builds a framework for project management activities based on the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling model. Thayer provides information designed to help you understand and successfully perform the unique role of a project manager.

This book is a must for all project managers in the software field. The text focuses on the five functions of general management by first describing each function and then detailing the project management activities that support each function. This second edition shows you how to manage a software development project, discusses current software engineering management methodologies and techniques, and presents general descriptions and project management problems. The book serves as a guide for your future project management activities. The text also offers students sufficient background and instructional material to serve as a main or supplementary text for a course in software engineering project management.

Note: The 2001 revision includes a new Chapter 4 Introduction and a new paper that replaces an older paper.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Management.

Chapter 2: Software Engineering Process.

Chapter 3: Software Engineering Project Management.

Chapter 4: Planning a Software Engineering Project.

Chapter 5: Software Cost, Schedule, and Size.

Chapter 6: Organizing a Software Engineering Project.

Chapter 7: Staffing a Software Engineering Project.

Chapter 8: Directing a Software Engineering Project.

Chapter 9: Controlling a Software Engineering Project.

Chapter 10: Software Metrics and Visibility of Progress.

Chapter 11: Epilogue: The Silver Bullets.


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