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Software Engineering Risk Management: Finding Your Path through the Jungle, Version 1.0 for Windows

Software Engineering Risk Management: Finding Your Path through the Jungle, Version 1.0 for Windows

Dale Walter Karolak

ISBN: 978-0-818-67970-4

Jul 1998, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr

170 pages

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The Software Engineering Risk Management (SERIM) application will help you find a safer path through the software development jungle. SERIM takes periodic "readings" on the status of your software development projects so you can focus on high-priority risk areas. After risks are identified, SERIM helps you develop proactive plans for mitigating risk before they sabotage your projects. SERIM may be used in the pre-requirements phase to develop risk projections that help you plan your projects more realistically.

This interactive, easy-to-use Windows application gives you an automated way to determine the risks of your software project. Determine within minutes how risky your software project is during all stages of development. The product is based on the SERIM model in the bestselling book Software Engineering Risk Management.

Using the mathematics of probability, Dr. Karolak has designed formulas that assess your projects' risks by entering numeric ratings for a series of metric questions within the ten major software development risk factors, analyze your projects' risk scores from any or all of the five different analytical perspectives, and "Drill down" within each analytical perspective to design action plans to improve your probability of success with any high-priority metric question.

The SERIM model: Identifies different risks for technical implementation, cost, and schedule, Predicts risks by software development phases, Provides a means for corrective action to reduce risks, Identifies the effectiveness of your software risk management activities, Measures the risk associated with your software product and process, Is user friendly and comes with example projects, Handles multiple projects for analyzing software risks.
INTRODUCING SERIM: Software Engineering Risk Management.

Achieving the Best Results.

Tips for Application Use in a Team Setting.

Common Characteristics of Each Step.

How to Use the Application.

A Message from the Author.

About the Author.

About LearnerFirst.

About The IEEE Computer Society.




USING SERIM: The Command Structure.

The Title Bar.

The Top Toolbar.

FILE Commands.

EDIT Commands.

STEP Command.

INTRO Command.

MAIN Command.

PLAN Command.

WINDOW Command.

HELP Command.

The Main Screen.

The Bottom Toolbar.

Scroll Bars.

EXPLORING SERIM: Application Contents.

Project Description.

Project Assessment.

Analytical Perspectives.

Action Plans.


Smart Help System.

LearnerFirst E-mail Support.

SERIM Customers' Private Web Site.


Example 1: Satellite Software Project.

Example 2: PC Project.

Example 3: Embedded Project.

LEARNING ABOUT SERIM: Underlying Principles.

The Problem.

The Industrial Viewpoint.

The Practitioner Viewpoint.

The Example.

What About Tools?

Territories, Maps, and Bridges.

Just-In-Time Philosophy and Strategy,

Plan, Plan, Then Re-Plan.,

Identify Risks Early.

Develop in Parallel.

More On Software Risk Management and Just-In-Time.


MORE ABOUT SERIM: Additional Readings.



APPENDIX A: List of SERIM Metric Questions.

APPENDIX B: SERIM Keystroke Combinations.