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Software Engineerng Standards: A User's Road Map

Software Engineerng Standards: A User's Road Map

James W. Moore

ISBN: 978-0-818-68008-3

Dec 1997, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr

328 pages

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Software Engineering Standards: A User's Road Map describes the scope, roles, uses, and development trends of the most widely used software engineering standards. The book concentrates on important software engineering activities-quality and project management, system engineering, dependability, and safety. The analysis and regrouping of the standard collections exposes you to key relationships between standards. James Moore provides valuable insights that allow you to select standards to fill your specific needs with precision.

The book presents two types of diagrams that will guide you in designating and selecting the standards that meet your specific goals. The first is a layered view of standards that illustrates the internal relationships among standards within a collection. The road map, the second type, illustrates the external relationships among standards in same or different collections. By using the road map diagrams each chapter begins at a different starting point and leads you toward the selection of the software engineering standards that achieve your goals.

The book will appeal to software engineering standards users including senior technical professionals or managers with a background in software development. Standards-writers or professionals working on new or revised software engineering standards will find the book useful as well.

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Software Engineering.

Software Engineering Standards.

Using This Book.

Ways to View Relationships of Standards.

US Standards Organizations.

International Standards Organizations.

Context of Software Engineering: Computer Science.

Context of Software Engineering: Quality Management.

Context of Software Engineering: Project Management.

Context of Software Engineering: Systems Engineering.

Context of Software Engineering: Dependability.

Context of Software Engineering: Safety.

Objects of Software Engineering: Resources.

Objects of Software Engineering: Products.

Context of Software Engineering: Processes.

Context of Software Engineering: Customers.

Important Alternatives.

Catalog of Software Engineering Standards.

Where to Purchase Standards.