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Soil Dynamics with Applications in Vibration and Earthquake Protection

Soil Dynamics with Applications in Vibration and Earthquake Protection

Christos Vrettos

ISBN: 978-3-433-60641-4

Apr 2019

200 pages


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For numerous geotechnical applications soil dynamics are of special importance. In seismic engineering this affects the stability of dams, slopes, foundations, retaining walls and tunnels, while vibrations due to traffic and construction equipment represent a significant aspect in environmental protection. Foundations for mechanical equipment and cyclically loaded offshore structures are also part of the spectrum of application. This book covers the basics of soil dynamics and building thereon the practical applications in vibration protection and seismic engineering.
Section I Soil Dynamics Fundamentals
1 Introduction
2 Vibrations of simple systems
3 Wave propagation in soils
4 Soil behaviour under cyclic loading
5 Measurement of dynamic soil properties
6 Dynamically loaded foundations

Section II Vibration Protection
7 General and definitions
8 Assessment of vibration actions
9 Measurement of vibrations
10 Forecast of vibrations
11 Reduction of vibrations

Section III Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
12 Characterisation of earthquakes
13 Prediction of earthquake ground motion
14 Methods for seismic site response analyses
15 Liquefaction and remedial measures
16 Response of geotechnical structures
17 Response of underground structures