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Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils



Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils

Delwyn G. Fredlund, Hendry Rahardjo

ISBN: 978-0-471-85008-3 August 1993 544 Pages


The principles and concepts for unsaturated soils are developed as extensions of saturated soils. Addresses problems where soils have a matric suction or where pore-water pressure is negative. Covers theory, measurement and use of the fundamental properties of unsaturated soils--permeability, shear strength and volume change. Includes a significant amount of case studies.
Phase Properties and Relations.

Stress State Variables.

Measurements of Soil Suction.

Flow Laws.

Measurement of Permeability.

Steady-State Flow.

Pore Pressure Parameters.

Shear Strength Theory.

Measurement of Shear Strength Parameters.

Plastic and Limit Equilibrium.

Volume Change Theory.

Measurements of Volume Change Indices.

Volume Change Predictions.

One-Dimensional Consolidation and Swelling.

Two- and Three-Dimensional Unsteady-State Flow and NonisothermalAnalyses.



"I expect that "Unsaturated Soil Mechanics inEngineering Practice" will remain an essential reference foreducators, researchers and practitioners for a long time tocome." (Geotechnical News, 1 December 2012)