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Soil Physics, 6th Edition

Soil Physics, 6th Edition

William A. Jury, Robert Horton

ISBN: 978-0-471-05965-3 March 2004 384 Pages


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The completely revised and updated edition of the classic guide to soil physics
The revised edition of an environmental soil science classic, Soil Physics, Sixth Edition presents updated and expanded material on the latest developments in the industry, providing the best preparation for students and a state-of-the-art reference for professionals.
Through a systemic use of physical principles, Soil Physics, Sixth Edition demonstrates how to simplify the general theory used in transport processes for specific applications. With broad coverage of the role soil plays in the environment, this Sixth Edition offers more than seventy worked problems illustrating specific lessons in the book, and features:
* New material on soil's influence on the health of an ecosystem
* Expanded coverage of modern in-site and noninvasive field-scale subsurface measurement techniques
* Discussions on the latest advances in regional and watershed hydrology
* Up-to-date information on the use of algorithms and computers in the study and modeling of soil processes
* New coverage of preferential flow
Soil Physics, Sixth Edition is an essential volume for students and professionals in soil science, natural resource management, forestry, agriculture, hydrology, and civil and environmental engineering.

1. Soil Solid Phase.

2. Water Retention in Soil.

3. Water Movement in Soil.

4. Water Flow Under Natural Conditions.

5. Soil Thermal Regime.

6. Soil Aeration.

7. Chemical Transport in Soil.

Appendix A: Methods of Analyzing Spatial Variations of Soil Properties.

Solutions to Problems.




“This new and revised edition offers complete coverage of the physical and chemical properties of soil, including noninvasive and remotely sensed measurement techniques, regional and watershed hydrology, and water conservation practices.”  (Landtechnik, 1 October 2012)