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Soil and Water Management Systems, 4th Edition



Soil and Water Management Systems, 4th Edition

Glenn O. Schwab, Delmar D. Fangmeier, William J. Elliot

ISBN: 978-0-471-10973-0 October 1995 371 Pages


As our society places increasing importance on the management of our natural resources, natural resource managers in both public and private sectors will need to understand the essential elements of soil and water systems. The principles of soil and water systems are clearly presented, and examples are given to demonstrate the applications to typical problems encountered by resource managers. Also includes the basic principles for controlling water and wind erosion, the disposal of excess water in humid areas and from irrigation systems, and the management of irrigation systems.
Conservation Management and the Environment.

Distance and Area Measurement.

Levels and Leveling.

Land Surveys and Mapping Systems.

Rainfall and Runoff.

Soil Erosion by Water.

Upland Water Erosion Control.

Channel Flow Erosion Control.

Wind Erosion and Control Practices.

Water Quality and Supply.

Surface Water Storage.

Surface Drainage and Wetlands.

Subsurface Drainage.

Soil Water Relations and Evapotranspiration.

Irrigation Principles.

Surface Irrigation.

Sprinkler Irrigation.


Water Measurement.

Glossary of Special Terms.