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Solar Astrophysics, 3rd Edition

Solar Astrophysics, 3rd Edition

Peter V. Foukal

ISBN: 978-3-527-41103-0

Apr 2013

488 pages


This revised edition describes our current understanding of the sun -- from its deepest interior, via the layers of the directly observable atmosphere to the solar wind, right up to its farthest extension into interstellar space. It includes a comprehensive account of the history of solar astrophysics and space weather, along with an overview of the key instruments used throughout the various periods.
In contrast to other books on the subject, the choice of material deals evenly with the entire scope of important topics covered in solar research, elucidating the advances in our understanding of the sun by the careful use of relatively simple physical concepts.
The result is an incisive, reliable, and well-planned look at all that is fascinating and new in studies of the sun for students and non-specialists.
Development of the ideas and instruments of modern solar research
Radiative transfer in the sun's atmosphere
Solar spectroscopy
Dynamics of solar plasmas
The photosphere
The sun's internal structure and energy generation
Rotation, convection, and oscillations in the sun
Observations of photospheric activity and magnetism
The chromosphere and corona
Prominences and flares
Dynamics of the solar magnetic field
The solar wind and heliosphere
The sun, our variable star
Influences of Solar Variability on the Earth
- Content: 15% updated and 10% totally new
- Content extended, especially in space weather, modern solar instrumentation, and impact of the sun on our climate

“A valuable resource for academic libraries.  Summing Up: Highly recommended.  Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.”  (Choice, 1 December 2013)

“The revised book now also provides an overview of recent results on “space weather” and on sun-climate relations, both of which are fields of increasing societal importance.”  (ETDE Energy Database, 1  July 2013)