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Solar System Plasma Physics

Solar System Plasma Physics

J. H. Waite Jr. (Editor), J. L. Burch (Editor), R. L. Moore (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66431-5

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

465 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 54.

Science involves a well orchestrated interplay between theory and experiment. Past unexplained observations suggest new questions to be asked, and answering these questions many times requires new observational techniques or at least new applications of old techniques. Solar system plasma physics is a classic example of the scientific process at work and has benefited from the rapid technological exploration of our near space environment over the last 35 years. This book is a 1988 snapshot of the scientific process in solar system plasma physics. It is structured by a series of scientific questions. Under each of these headings are theoretical papers which review the pertinent science and properly formulate the question in specific observational terms. These are followed by experimental papers which address the present state of observational techniques which can be used to investigate these outstanding problems. In addition, two introductory papers offer overviews of the fields of solar physics and magnetospheric physics; each addresses itself, as a kind of short course in its respective discipline, to scientists from the other discipline.

Preface xiii

Tutorial: Solar
R. L. Moore 1

Tutorial: Magnetosphere
J. L. Burch 9

I. Three-Dimensional Structure and Turbulence in Solar System Plasmas

How is free magnetic energy built up and held in the solar atmosphere?
Magnetic Free-Energy in the Solar Atmosphere
B. C. Low 21

Optical Disk Processing of Solar Images
Alan Title and Theodore Tarbell 31

An Imaging Vector Magnetograph for the Next Solar Maximum
Richard C. Canfield and Donald L. Mickey 37

Emergence of Anchored Flux Tubes Through the Convection Zone
George H. Fisher, Dean-Yi Chou, and Alexander N. McClymont 47

Magnetoconvection on the Solar Surface
G. W. Simon, A. M. Title, K. P. Topka, T. D. Tarbell, R. A. Shine, S. H. Ferguson H. Zirin, and the SOUP Team 53

What new insight can be gained by understanding the three-dimensional structure and temporal variations of macroscale and microscale plasma and electromagnetic phenomena in the solar wind and in planetary magnetospheres?

Simulating the Magnetosphere: The Structure of the Magnetotail
Raymond J. Walker, Tatsuki Ogino, and Maha Ashour-Abdalla 61

Instrumentation for Global Magnetospheric Imaging via Energetic Neutral Atoms
R. W. McEntire and D. G. Mitchell 69

Spectroscopic Measurements of Solar Wind Parameters Near the Sun
John L. Kohl, Heinz Weizer, and Stefano Livi 81

Test Particle Measurements in Space Plasmas
Carl E. McIlwain 89

Compressible Dynamic Alignment
R. B. Dahlburg, J. M. Picone, and J. T. Karpen 95

Thermal Instability in Magnetized Solar Plasmas
J. T. Karpen, S. K. Antiochos, J. M. Picone, and R. B. Dahlburg 99

The Plasma Environment at Saturn: Progress and Problems
John D. Richardson 105

What is the role of turbulence in the transfer of energy in solar wind and magnetospheric plasmas?
Numerical Simulation of Interplanetary and Magnetospheric Phenomena: The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
Melvyn L. Goldstein, D. Aaron Roberts, and William H. Matthaeus 113

MHO Intermediate Shocks and the Magnetopause
C. C. Wu 127

What determines the composition and charge state of solar-wind and magnetospheric ions?
Composition of the Solar Wind
P. Bochsler and J. Geiss 133

Space Plasma Mass Spectroscopy Below 60 keV
D. T. Young 143

Remote Sensing of Planetary Magnetospheres: Mass and Energy Analysis of Energetic Neutral Atoms
K. C. Hsieh and C. C. Curtis 159

Instrumentation for Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging of Magnetospheres
E. P. Keath, G. B. Andrews, A. F. Cheng, S. M. Krimigis, B. H. Mauk, D. G. Mitchell, and D. J. Williams 165

A 3600 Field-of-View Toroidal Ion Composition Analyzer Using Time-of-Flight
D. T. Young, J. A. Marshall, J. L. Burch, S. J. Bame, and R. H. Martin 171

II. Mass, Momentum, and Energy Release and Transfer in Solar System Plasmas

What is the magnetic energy conversion process in flares?
Energy Conversion in Solar Flares
Peter A. Sturrock 181

The Soft X-Ray Telescope for the Solar A Mission
M. E. Bruner, L. W. Acton, W. A. Brown, R. A. Stern, T. Hirayama, S. Tsuneta, T. Watanabe, and Y. Ogawara 187

Power Supply Process for Solar Flares
S.-I. Akasofu 199

Imaging Solar Flares in Hard X Rays and Gamma Rays from Balloon-Borne Platforms
C. J. Crannell 203

Is the Plasma Truly Turbulent During the Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares?
P. L. Bornmann 209

The Evaluation of Energy Storage Mechanisms in the Gradual Phase of Solar Flares
H. A. Garcia 213

On the Mechanical Energy Available to Drive Solar Flares
A. N. McClymont and G. H. Fisher 219

What do solar radio bursts tell us about particle beams and wave-particle interactions in flares?
Electron Beams and Instabilities During Solar Radio Emission
Martin V. Goldman 229

Solar Radio Burst Spectral Observations, Particle Acceleration, and Wave-Particle Interactions
Dale E. Gary and G. J. Hurford 237

Remote Sensing of Planetary Magnetospheres: Imaging via Energetic Neutral Atoms
C. C. Curtis and K. C. Hsieh 247

Energetic Neutral Particle Imaging of Saturn's Magnetosphere
A. F. Cheng and S. M. Krimigis 253

Novel Methods for Active Spacecraft Potential Control
R. Schmidt, H. Arends, K. Torkar, and N. Valanvanoglou 261

How are coronal mass ejections driven?
Driving Mechanisms for Coronal Mass Ejections
R. S. Steinolfson 269

CME and Solar Wind Studies Using GOES Solar X-Ray Imagers and SOHO Remote Sensing
W. J. Wagner 279

Heliospheric Remote Sensing Using the Zodiacal Light Photometers of the Helios Spacecraft
B. V. Jackson 287

Design Considerations for a "Solar Mass Ejection Imager" on a Rotating Spacecraft
B. V. Jackson, H. S. Hudson, J. D. Nichols, and R. E. Gold 291

Flux Rope Dynamics for Loop Prominences, Coronal Mass Ejections and Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds
Tyan Yeh 299

What macroscopic and microscopic processes are responsible for particle acceleration in the solar wind and in planetary magnetospheres?

Acceleration and Transport in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer
Maha Ashour-Abdalla and David Schriver 305

Macroscopic Magnetospheric Particle Acceleration
B. H. Mauk and C.-I. Meng 319

New Techniques for Charged Particle Measurements in the Interplanetary Medium
R. P. Lin 333

A Technique for Fully Specifying Plasma Waves
Paul M. Kintner 341

Flux Transfer Events: A Theoretical Overview
J. R. Kan 347

The Solar Wind Interaction with Non-Magnetic Bodies and the Role of Small-Scale Structures
T. E. Cravens 353

Magnetic Field and Electric Current Measurements of Critical Phenomena in Solar Wind Interactions
R. C. Elphic 367

Plasma Observations of Flux Transfer Events: Present and Future Measurements
M. F. Smith and A. D. Johnstone 379

Ion Spectrometers for Studying the Interaction of the Solar Wind with Non-Magnetic Bodies
Marcia Neugebauer 389

Critical Problems Requiring Coordinated Measurements of Large-Scale Electric Field and Auroral Distribution
L. R. Lyons and O. de la Beaujardiere 399

Instantaneous Measurements of the Global High-Latitude Convection Pattern
O. de la Beaujardiere and L. R. Lyons 405

Surface Waves on a Generalized Current Sheet
S. T. Suess and Z. E. Musielak 413

The ASPERA Experiment on the Soviet Phobos Spacecraft
R. Lundin, B. Hultqvist, S. Olsen, R. Pellinen, I. Liede, A. Zakharov, E. Dubinin, and N. Pissarenko 417

What are the important ring, moon, and dust interactions in planetary and cometary magnetosphere and ionosphere systems?

Dust-Plasma Interactions in Planetary Rings
C. K. Goertz 427

Cometary Dusty Gas Dynamics
T. L. Gombosi and A. Korosmezey 433

Three-Dimensional Plasma Measurements from Three-Axis Stabilized Spacecraft
S. J. Bame, R. H. Martin, D. J. McComas, J. L. Burch, J. A. Marshall, and D. T. Young 441

Polymers in Comet Comae
W. F. Huebner and D. C. Boice 453

Charged Dust in the Earth's Magnetosphere
Mihaly Horanyi 457

Author Index 461

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