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Solid-Phase Extraction: Principles and Practice



Solid-Phase Extraction: Principles and Practice

E. Michael Thurman, M. S. Mills

ISBN: 978-0-471-61422-7 March 1998 372 Pages


Divided into three main parts, the book begins with a clearexplanation of basic SPE conceptsincluding theory, chemistry, andmechanisms of interaction as well as methods development,troubleshooting, and optimization. The next section presents anin-depth look at SPE applications, with separate chapters devotedto clinical, environmental, and natural product chemistry. Numerousexamples drawn from each of these three areas illustrate SPE inaction in the real world, successfully bridging the gap betweenprinciples and practice.

The final section of this book discusses the latest SPEtechnology, with detailed coverage of the automation process,solid-phase extraction disks, and innovations such as solid-phasemicroextraction and small-volume solid-phase extraction. Suggestedreading and references are included throughout, providing a usefulspringboard for further research and study.

Whether you are new to SPE or are looking to keep abreast of thenewest developments in SPE methods and uses, Solid-Phase Extractiongives you instant access to the information you needan essentialcompanion for chemists of all types who use SPE in their work.

Complete coverage of SPE concepts and applicationsat yourfingertips Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) equips chemists in anyfield with an incomparable one-stop source of up-to-dateinformation on SPE. With sections devoted to fundamentalprinciples, applications, and new technology, it is bothcomprehensive and easy to use the ideal working reference on thisimportant subject.
* Presents a straightforward examination of SPE theory, methodsdevelopment, chemistry, and mechanisms of interaction
* Provides detailed coverage of SPE applications in clinical,environmental, and natural product chemistry
* Features practical examples illustrating a range of real-worldSPE uses
* Prepares chemists to make informed decisions on sorbentselection
* Covers the latest SPE technology, with valuable insights onautomation and new sample preparation methods
* Offers suggestions for further reading, Internet resources, andproduct guides
Overview of Solid-Phase Extraction.

Theory of Sorption and Isolation.

Methods Development.

Reversed-Phase Solid-Phase Extraction.

Normal-Phase Solid-Phase Extraction.

Ion-Exchange Solid-Phase Extraction.

Environmental Analysis.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

Food and Natural Products.

Automation of Solid-Phase Extraction.

Solid Phase Extraction Disks.

New Technology in Solid-Phase Extraction.