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Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis



Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis

Kevin Burgess

ISBN: 978-0-471-31825-5 December 1999 296 Pages

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Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis Edited by Kevin Burgess, Texas A & M University Efficient, high-throughput chemistry is now the focus of many research laboratories. Solid-phase organic syntheses are central to many of these combinatorial and parallel screening methodologies. Consequently, they have been a major scientific theme of the 1990s and promise to remain prominent for the first part of the new millennium. Indeed, a bewildering number of papers have entered the literature on this topic; some report minor modifications enabling transformation of solution-phase methods to a solid support, while others report major innovations. Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis collects, highlights, and critiques some of the key developments in the field. Leading practitioners explain different perspectives on diverse aspects of the area. Specific topics covered include:
* Syntheses of guanidines
* Palladium-catalyzed C-C bond forming reactions
* S_nAr reactions for the formation of heterocycles
* Sequence-specific arylalkyne oligomers
* Resin-supported capture agents and other reagents
* Synthesis on pins
* Monitoring of supported reactions using IR
* Solid-phase syntheses of natural product derivatives
Of related interest . Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity in Drug Discovery Eric M. Gordon and James F. Kerwin 1998 (0-471-15518-7) 544 pp. Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis and Application Stephen R. Wilson and Anthony W. Czarnik 1997 (0-471-12687-X) 288 pp.
Solid Phase Syntheses of Guanidines (K. Burgess & J. Chen).

Palladium-catalyzed Carbon-carbon Bond Formation on Solid Supports (M. Todd & C. Abell).

Benzofused Heterocycles via Solid-phase S_NAr Reactions (M. Schwarz & M. Gallop).

Solid-phase Synthesis of Sequence-specific Phenylacetylene Oligomers (J. Moore, et al.).

Polymer-assisted Solution Phase Methods for Chemical Library Synthesis (D. Flynn, et al.).

Solid-phase Organic Synthesis on Radiation-grafted Polymer Surfaces: Application of SynPhase(TM) Crowns to Multiple Parallel Syntheses (I. James, et al.).

Vibrational Spectroscopy for Optimization of Solid-phase Organic Syntheses (B. Yan).

Recent Advances in Solid-phase Synthesis of Natural Products (L. Wilson).
"Collects and critiques key developments in the field...explains different perspectives on various aspects." (SciTech Book News, March 2001)
"This book seeks to highlight and critique key developments in solid-phase organic synthesis...Overall, the book effectively realizes its goal..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 123, No. 7)
" excellent starting point for chemists interested in solid-phase organic synthesis. Certainly, this book should be considered as an addition to any medicinal chemists library." (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol. 44, No. 24, 2001)
"...brings together...the latest research in the field, highlighting and reviewing some of the major developments." (Chimie Nouvelle)