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Solid State Imaging Sensors

Solid State Imaging Sensors

Mukul Sarkar

ISBN: 978-1-119-12560-0

Jan 2020

512 pages

Select type: O-Book


This book is based on the solid state imaging sensors course taught over fourty-two lectures to postgraduate students at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. The course explains the fundamental and working concepts of solid state imaging sensors. Although the solid state images are routinely used in electronics, the fundamental concepts are not taught in many institutions and thus engineers are unaware of the science behind them. This book describes, in simple terms, the general working principle of solid state imaging devices. These devices are at the heart of digital cameras, and understanding the electronics of imaging will help electronics engineers and students in the area to understand the images better. The book provides problems and solutions so that readers can test themselves after learning these fundamentals. To further emphasize the important points in a given chapter, a section labeled “things to remember” follows, wherein the most relevant facts are repeated. Brief TOC: Radiometry and photometry; Properties of silicon and photon absorption; Basics of image sensors; Charged couple devices; CMOS image sensors; CMOS image sensor characterization; Noise in image sensors; Other imaging sensors; Colour imaging and processing; 3D imaging; Polarization detection and machine vision applications; Digital photography; and Non-visible imaging.