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Solid State Radio Engineering

Herbert L. Krauss, Charles W. Bostian, Frederick H. Raab

ISBN: 978-0-471-03018-8 March 1980 560 Pages


A comprehensive text that covers both receiver and transmitter circuits, reflecting the past decade's developments in solid-state technology. Emphasizes design using practical circuit elements, with basic ideas of electrical noise, resonant impedance-matching circuits, and modulation theory thoroughly explained. Contains the latest techniques in radio frequency power amplifier design, accepted state-of-the-art technology based on bipolar junction transistors, VMOS RF power FETs, high-efficiency techniques, envelope elimination and restoration, envelope feedback, and other newly emerging technologies. Requires a knowledge of complex algebra, Fourier series, and Fourier transforms. Also includes numerous worked-out examples that relate the theory to practical circuit applications, and homework problems keyed to corresponding sections of the text.
Radio Communication Systems.

Electrical Noise.

Resonant Circuits and Impedance Transformation.

Small-Signal High-Frequency Amplifiers.

Sinewave Oscillators.

Phase-Locked Loops.



Amplitude Modulation Receivers.

FM and PM Receivers.

Television Receivers.

Linear Power Amplifiers.

Tuned Power Amplifiers.

High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers.

CW, FN, and AM Transmitters.

Single-Sideband Transmitters.