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SolidWorks 2010: No Experience Required

Alex Ruiz, Gabi Jack (With), Josh Mings (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-63820-0 April 2010 700 Pages


The only continuous, step-by-step tutorial for SolidWorks

SolidWorks is a 3D CAD manufacturing software package that has been used to design everything from aerospace robotics to bicycles. This book teaches beginners to use SolidWorks through a step-by-step tutorial, letting you build, document, and present a project while you learn.

Tools and functionality are explained in the context of professional, real-world tasks and workflows. You will learn the essential functions and gain the skills to use the software at once.

  • SolidWorks is a popular design software for manufacturing, and this book introduces it in the context of actually creating an object
  • Begins with an overview of SolidWorks conventions and the interface
  • Explains how to create models and drawings, create a revolved part and subassembly, and model parts within a subassembly
  • Explores modification capabilities and drawing and Bill of Materials templates
  • Moves on to top-level assembly models and drawings, Toolbox components and the Design Library, mates, export and printing capabilities, and creating renderings
  • Includes a glossary, a foreword from the SolidWorks product manager, and downloadable tutorial files

SolidWorks 2010: No Experience Required quickly turns beginners into confident users of SolidWorks.



Chapter 1 Becoming Familiar with SolidWorks.

Chapter 2 Learning the Basics.

Chapter 3 Creating Your First Part.

Chapter 4 Creating Your First Drawing.

Chapter 5 Creating a Revolved Part.

Chapter 6 Creating a Subassembly.

Chapter 7 Creating a Simple Assembly Drawing.

Chapter 8 Creating a More Complex Part Model.

Chapter 9 Modeling Parts Within an Assembly.

Chapter 10 Making Modifications.

Chapter 11 Putting It All Together: Part 1.

Chapter 12 Putting It All Together: Part 2.

Chapter 13 Making the Top-Level Assembly Drawing.

Chapter 14 Sharing Your Documents with Others.

Chapter 15 Creating Your Own Templates: Part 1.

Chapter 16 Creating Your Own Templates: Part 2.

Chapter 17 Creating Simple, Stunning Renderings.



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