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Solidification of Containerless Undercooled Melts

Solidification of Containerless Undercooled Melts

Dieter M. Herlach (Editor), Douglas M. Matson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-64790-3

Aug 2012

578 pages


All metallic materials are prepared from the liquid state as their parent phase. Solidification is therefore one of the most important phase transformation in daily human life. Solidification is the transition from liquid to solid state of matter. The conditions under which material is transformed determines the physical and chemical properties of the as-solidified body. The processes involved, like nucleation and crystal growth, are governed by heat and mass transport.
Convection and undercooling provide additional processing parameters to tune the solidification process and to control solid material performance from the very beginning of the production chain.
To develop a predictive capability for efficient materials production the processes involved in solidification have to be understood in detail.
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the solidification of metallic melts processed and undercooled in a containerless manner
by drop tube, electromagnetic and electrostatic levitation, and experiments in reduced gravity.
The experiments are accompanied by model calculations on the influence of thermodynamic and hydrodynamic conditions that control
selection of nucleation mechanisms and modify crystal growth development throughout the solidification process.
Containerless undercooling of drops and droplets Computer aided experiments in containerless processing of materials
Demixing of Cu-Co alloys showing a metastable miscibility gap
Short range order in undercooled melts
Influence of order in undercooled liquids on crystal nucleation
Crystal nucleation in undercooled melts
Phase field crystal modelling of homogeneous and heterogeneous crystal nucleation
Effects of transient heat and mass transfer and competitive nucleation on phase selection in rapid solidification
Nucleation of metastable phases in undercooled melts
Nucleation within the mushy-zone
Measurements of crystal growth velocities in undercooled melts of metals
Measurements of crystal growth in undercooled melts of semiconductors
Measurements of crystal growth dynamics in strong external magnetic fields
Influence of convection on dendrite growth dynamics by AC + DC levitation technique
Development of a numerical approach for modelling dendritic growth in EML of liquid metal drops
Mesoscopic modelling of dendrite growth in undercooled melts
Microscopic modelling of growth kinetics in undercooled melts
Multiscale solidification modelling of EML processed samples
Interaction of fine particles with dendrites in undercooled melts of semiconducting materials
Quantitative analysis of alloy structures solidified under limited diffusion conditions