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Solving Problem Solving: A Potent Force for Effective Management

Solving Problem Solving: A Potent Force for Effective Management

Robert L. Flood

ISBN: 978-0-471-95590-0 April 1996 426 Pages


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Flood introduces a dynamic new problem solving system called Total Systems Intervention (TSI). He provides a clear understanding of TSI in terms of its philosophy, principles and process, explaining what is happening when using this system and how to avoid the main pitfalls in problem solving with TSI. Describes the pros and cons of different catagories of consultants that may be used in the TSI procedure along with guidelines on selecting the right one. Features nine international case studies--each one appraising a diverse type of organisational problem solving using TSI.

Critical Success Factors for a New Problem Solving System.

Overview of the Problem Solving System: TSI.


Understanding Organisation for Problem Solving - 'The Philosophy.' Key Principles for Problem Solving - 'The Principles.' How to Problem Solve - 'The Process.' DO'S AND DON'TS OF PROBLEM SOLVING WITH TSI.

What Is Happening When You Problem Solve?

Pitfalls in Problem Solving and How to Avoid Them.

Choosing and Using Consultants.


How to Problem Solve - 'The Methods.' Nine Cases Employing TSI, Written by Managers and Consultants - 'An International Perspective.' Concluding Comments.

Further Reading.