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Someone Will Make Money on Your Funds - Why Not You?: A Better Way to Pick Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds



Someone Will Make Money on Your Funds - Why Not You?: A Better Way to Pick Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds

Gary L. Gastineau

ISBN: 978-0-471-76762-6 October 2005 304 Pages



"This book is a treasure trove of practical research and pithy thoughts based on Gastineau's decades of experience; a valuable guide for the thoughtful investor."
—Harold Evensky, Chairman, Evensky, Brown & Katz

"Someone Will Make Money On Your Funds - Why Not You? will jar armchair mutual fund investors out of their PJ's. If you think checking out your funds in Morningstar and Lipper has you covered, you best read this book."
—Maureen Nevin Duffy, Editor/Publisher, The Turnaround Tactician

"This book is a must-read for fund investors. Gastineau carefully discusses many important factors such as taxes, capital gains overhang, trading costs, turnover, benchmark selection, active management, expense ratio, and aggressive trading by market timers. These factors significantly affect fund performance but may be ignored by investors. Gastineau goes on to build a strong case for choosing ETFs over mutual funds, especially for long-term investors. I strongly recommend this book for investors."
—Vijay Singal, J. Gray Ferguson Professor of Finance and Chairperson of the Finance Department, Pamplin College of Business of Virginia Tech, and author of Beyond the Random Walk: A Guide to Stock Market Anomalies and Low-Risk Investing

"Gastineau's message is very powerful. He not only challenges some conventional wisdom on investing, but truly emphasizes how to add value to a portfolio. What is unique is his ability to move quickly from the big picture to implementation strategies offering investment solutions to both investment advisors and individual investors. Portfolio adjustments discussed can potentially have significant impact on a long-term investor's standard of living."
—Dan Dolan, Director, Wealth Management Strategies, Select Sector SPDRs



Chapter 1: A Framework for Saving and Investing.

Chapter 2: Assets, Liabilities, and Financial Planning.

Chapter 3: Tax-Efficient Financial Planning and Investing.

Chapter 4: Controlling Investment Costs: Money Market and Brokerage Account Economics, Separate Investments versus Funds.

Chapter 5: How to Cut Your Fund Costs.

Chapter 6: Reducing Costs with Index Funds.

Chapter 7: Fund Advisory Services—or Do-It-Yourself?

Chapter 8: Some Winning Funds—and Why They Win.

Chapter 9: Active Investment Management: Can You Find a Manager Who Can Beat the Market?

Chapter 10: Reinventing the Mutual Fund: Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Funds.

Chapter 11: Improving the Efficiency of Custom Investment Management: Some ETF Applications.

Appendix A: Sources of Additional Information on the Internet.

Appendix B: Conventional Mutual Funds versus Exchange-Traded Funds: Making Choices.





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