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Space, Place and Gender

Space, Place and Gender

Doreen Massey

ISBN: 978-0-745-61236-2

Aug 1994, Polity

288 pages

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This new book brings together Doreen Massey's key writings on three areas central to a range of disciplines. In addition, the author reflects on the development of these ideas and outlines her current position on these important issues.

The book is organized around the three themes of space, place and gender. It traces the development of ideas about the social nature of space and place and the relation of both to issues of gender and debates within feminism. It is debates in these areas which have been crucial in bringing geography to the centre of social sciences thinking in recent years, and this book includes writings that have been fundamental to that process. Beginning with the economy and social structures of production, it develops a wider notion of spatiality as the product of intersecting social relations. In turn this has lead to conceptions of 'place' as essentially open and hybrid, always provisional and contested. These themes intersect with much current thinking about identity within both feminism and cultural studies.

Each of the themes is preceded by a section which reflects on the development of ideas and sets out the context of their production. The introduction assesses the current state of play and argues for the close relationship of new thinking on each of these themes. This book will be of interest to students in geography, social theory, women's studies and cultural studies.

General Introduction.

Part I. Space and Social Relations.

1. Industrial Restructuring vesus the Cities.

2. In What Sense a Regional Problem?.

3.The Shape of Things to Come.

4. Uneven Development:.

Social Change and Spatial Divisions of Labour.

Part II. Place and Identity.

5. The Political Place of Locality Studies.

6. A Global Sense of Place.

7. A Place Called Home?.

Part III. Space, Place and Gender.

8. Space, Place and Gender.

9. A Woman's Place?.

10. Flexible Sexism.

11. Politics and Space / Time.