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Space Plasmas: Coupling Between Small and Medium Scale Processes

Space Plasmas: Coupling Between Small and Medium Scale Processes

Maha Ashour-Abdalla (Editor), Tom Chang (Editor), Paul Dusenbery (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66405-6 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 390 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 86.

This volume addresses the issue of achieving agreement between space observations and that body of plasma theory that attempts to account for the interrelations of plasma behavior and electromagnetic inhomogeneities and fluctuations. It is difficult to assign a single name to this area of research, because most of the terms that might be used have specific and limiting technical connotations. However, though a single name has not yet been found, we can say that the space plasma phenomena considered in this volume may all be characterized as fluctuating, nonequilibrium, or turbulent, and that the processes which play important roles in determining the plasma behavior are stochastic, quasilinear, nonlinear, inhomogeneous, or nonlocal.

Maha Ashour-Abdalla, Tom Chang, and Paul Dusenbery x

Solar Processes and Solar Wind, Vortex Sheets, Magnetic Helicity, and MHD Turbulence

The Evolution of Magnetic Helicity in Compressible Magnetohydrodynamics
with a Mean Magnetic Field
S. Ghosh, W. T. Stribling, M. L. Goldstein, and W. H. Matthaeus 1

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence and its Relationship to Interplanetary Magnetic Fluctuations
M. L. Goldstein 7

Observed Properties of Helical Interplanetary Magnetic Fields
M. L. Goldstein, D. A. Roberts, and C. A. Fitch 21

A Simulation Study of the Formation of Solar Prominences
L. C. Lee, G. S. Choe, and S.-I. Akasofu 29

Laval Nozzle Effects in Solar Wind-Exosphere Interaction
K. Sauer, K. Baumgartel, Th. Roatsch, and J. F. McKenzie 43

On Interacting Plasma Vortex Sheets
E. Siregar, D. A. Roberts, and M. L. Goldstein 49

Decay of Magnetic Helicity in Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics with a DC Magnetic Field
T. Stribling and W. H. Matthaeus 55

Waves, Particle Acceleration, and Wave-Particle Interactions
Some Electron Conic Generation Mechanisms
M. Andrk and L. Eliasson 61

Kinetic Alfven Wave Instability and Wave-Particle Interaction at the Magnetopause
S. Y. Fu, Z. Y. Pu, S. C. Guo, and Z. X. Liu 73

High Frequency Electrostatic Plasma Instabilities and Turbulence Layers in the Lower Ionosphere
J. R. Jasperse, B. Basu, J. M. Retterer, D. T. Decker, and T. Chang 77

Laboratory Experiments on Particle Acceleration Processes Associated with Parallel Electric Fields
Z. Jin, J. Hamila, R. C. Allen, S. Meassick, and C. Chan 95

Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interaction Leading to Chaotic Ion Motion in the Magnetosphere
S. P. Kuo and A. Y. Ho 99

Extended (Bi-Modal) Ion Conics at High Altitudes
W. K. Peterson, H. L. Collin, M. F. Doherty, and C. M. Bjorklund 105

Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions in the Magnetosphere
M. Prakash 119

Transversely Accelerated Ions in the Topside Ionosphere
J. M. Retterer, T. Chang, and J. R. Jasperse 127

Are Relativistic Effects Significant for the Analysis of Whistler-Mode Waves
in the Earth's Magnetosphere?
S. S. Sazhin, A. E. Surnner, and N. M. Ternrne 139

Magnetotail, Current Sheet and Disruptions, Reconnections and Substorms

Quasi-Periodic Global Substorm Generated Flux Variations Observed at Geosynchronous Orbit
R. D. Belian, T. E. Cayton, and G. D. Reeves 143

Observed Features in Current Disruption and Their Implications to Existing Theories
A.T.Y.Lui 149

Particle Acceleration Very Near an X-line in a Collisionless Plasma
L. R. Lyons and D. C. Pridrnore-Brown 163

Formation of the Macroscopic Tail Current Sheet in a Microscopic Distributed-Source Model
P. L. Pritchett and F. V. Coroniti 171

Vortex-Induced Reconnection and Turbulent Reconnection in Magnetospheric Boundary Regions
Z. Y. Pu, S. Y. Fu,Z.X. Liu, and F. Li 181

Magnetic Reconnection and Current-Sheet Formation at X-type Neutral Points
R. S. Steinolfson, L. Ofrnan, and P. J. Morrison 189

Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics

The Influence of Chaotic Particle Motion on Large Scale Magnetotail Stability
J. Biichner and A. Otto 197

Global Consequences of Nonlinear Particle Dynamics in the Magnetotail
J. Chen and D. L. Holland 205

Collisionless Resistivity and Velocity Power Spectrum for the Geomagnetic Tail
W. Horton, J. Hernandez, and T. Tajirna 223

Modeling Particle Distributions with Noninteracting Particles
R. F. Martin. Jr. 233

Neutral Line Energetic Ion Signatures in the Geomagnetic Tail: Comparisons with AMPTE Observations
T. W. Speiser and R. F. Martin, Jr. 243

Auroral Processes and Cusp Plasmas

Fine-Scale Structures in Auroral Arcs: An Unexplained Phenomenon
J. E. Borovsky 255

Coupling Between Mesoscale and Microscale Processes in the Cusp and Auroral Plasmas
J. L. Burch, C. S. Lin, J. D. Menietti, and R. M. Winglee 269

Auroral Plasma Dynamics in the Presence of a Finite-Width Current Filament and
V-Shaped Potential Drop
S. B. Ganguli, H. G. Mitchell, and P. J. Palmadesso 285

Micro and Meso Scale Measurements by the Freja Satellite
R. Lundin and G. Haerendel 295

Radiation Belt, MicroIMeso Phenomena, Dynamo Effect, and Vlasov Hybrid Simulation

Stormtime Ring Current and Radiation Belt Ion Transport: Simulations and Interpretations
M. W. Chen, M. Schulz, L. R. Lyons, and D. J. Gorney 311

Investigation of Flow Pattern for Dynamo Effect on Reversed Field Pinch
S. Koide and J.-I. Sakai 325

A Novel Technique for the Numerical Simulation of Collision Free Space Plasma-Vlasov
Hybrid Simulation (VHS)
D. Nunn 331

Electromagnetic Components of Auroral Hiss and Lower Hybrid Waves in the Polar Magnetosphere
H. K. Wong 339

Plasma Sheet, Magnetosheath, and Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction

Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction as Simulated by a 3D, EM Particle Code
0. Buneman, K.-I. Nishikawa, and T. Neubert 347

AMPTEIIRM Observations of the MHD Structure of the Plasmasheet Boundary: Evidence for a
Normal Component of the Magnetic Field
C. A. Cattell, C. W. Carlson, W. Baumjohann, and H. Luhr 357

Observation of High Speed Flows (V > V,,) in the Magnetosheath During an Interval
of Strongly Northward IMF
S.-H. Chen, M. G. Kivelson, J. T. Gosling, and A. J. Lazarus 365

The Dynamical Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer: A New Perspective
G. Ganguli, H. Romero, and P. Dusenbery 371

Comments and Questions on the Plasma Sheet Boundary and Boundary Layer
G. K. Parks and M. P. McCarthy 385