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Sparks: How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers



Sparks: How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers

Peter L. Benson

ISBN: 978-0-470-43763-6 September 2008 Jossey-Bass 256 Pages


In this practical book, Dr. Peter Benson, a leading authority on childhood and adolescence, describes a simple yet powerful plan for awakening the spark that lives inside each and every young person. Sparks—when illuminated and nurtured—give young people joy, energy, and direction. They have the power to change a young person’s life from one of “surviving” to “thriving.” Grounded in new research with thousands of teenagers and parents, Sparks offers a step-by-step approach to helping teenagers discover their unique gifts, and works for all families, no matter their economic status, parenting situation, or ethnic background.

Introduction: How Igniting Our Teenagers’ Sparks.

Can Support and Save Our Children and Their Future.

Part One: Five Steps to Help Ignite Your Teen’s Sparks.

Step One: Recognize the Power of Sparks.

Step Two: Know Your Own Teenager.

Step Three: Help Discover and Reveal Your Teen’s Sparks.

Step Four: Be the Captain of Your Teen’s Spark Team.

Step Five: Keep Your Teen’s Spark Lit.

Part Two: What Helps Teens Thrive.

Chapter One: On the Road to a Hopeful Future: Stories from Across America

Chapter Two: Thriving Youth, Thriving Nation.

Spark Resources.

Teenage Sparks: A Rich National Tapestry.

What Kids Need to Succeed: The 40 Developmental Assets (Ages 12 to 18 Years).

Key Spark Resources.



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