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Spatial Intelligence: New Futures for Architecture

Spatial Intelligence: New Futures for Architecture

Leon van Schaik

ISBN: 978-0-470-72322-7

Oct 2008

208 pages

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The book is organised into three distinct sections that in turn highlight the significance of spatial intelligence for architecture: the first section provides an overview of spatial intelligence as a human capability; the second section argues how the acknowledgement of this capability in architectural education and the profession should enable the demystification of the practice of design, forming the basis of a more democratic interface between society and practice; the final section explores exciting new opportunities for practice in the linking of real and virtual environments in the information age.
Introduction 008

Chapter One: The mechanics of spatial intelligence 022

Chapter Two: How spatial intelligence builds our mental space 036

Chapter Three: The disruption of the unity of time, place and architecture, and some precursors of reunification 057

Chapter Four: Intuitives: confronting spatial intelligence – tracing the use of spatial intelligence 082

Chapter Five: Pioneers of mental space – tracing the use of spatial intelligence 140

Chapter Six: New futures for architects: new roles for practitioners 164

Chapter Seven: New professionalism – new practice manifesto 182

Index 201