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Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS

Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS

Joseph K. Berry

ISBN: 978-0-470-23633-8

Oct 1996

208 pages

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Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS by Joseph K. Berry This incisive and witty book describes the development of geographic technology from maps that simply tell us "Where is what?" to systems that help us decide "So what?" It encourages new understandings of mapped data, data analysis procedures, and the uses of maps, fostering an appreciation of GIS as an effective analytical tool in many complex processes. The cover image was generated by Innovative GIS Solutions, Inc., Fort Collins, Colo., using its RAPiD Surfing software to enhance the terrain analysis capabilities available with the ARC/INFO GIS.?* The image was created using Digital Elevation Model data for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District of the Santa Ana mountains in southern California. The image represents a 3-D perspective looking north toward Lake Elsinore with partial renderings of analytical hillshading and shaded relief draped on a wire frame elevation model. ?*RAPiD Surfing is a trademark of Innovative GIS Solutions, Inc., Fort Collins, Colo. ARC/INFO is a registered trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc., Redlands, Calif.
Understanding GIS: High Technology for Mid-Level Management.

From Field Samples to Mapped Data: Assessing Geographic Distributions.

Implementing GIS: Considerations, Contingencies, and Confusion.

Toward an Honest GIS: Practical Approaches to Mapping Uncertainty.

A Framework for GIS Modeling: Essential Concepts and Practical Expressions.

Alternative Data Structures: Options Beyond Raster and Vector.

Organizing the Map Analysis Toolbox: Fundamental Components and Considerations.

The Anatomy of a GIS Model: Some Case Studies.

Putting GIS in the Hands of People: Considerations and Components of a Field Unit.

A Futuristic GIS: Some Examples of Advanced Analytical Procedures.


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