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Special Issues in Chairing Academic Departments



Special Issues in Chairing Academic Departments

Carolyn Allard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-19677-9 October 2011 Jossey-Bass 112 Pages


Chairing an academic department comes with a multitude of responsibilities in a wide variety of areas. As a new department chair, you immediately confront many of the basics of academic leadership: managing budgets, supporting faculty, resolving conflict, and facilitating change, to name a few of the topics covered in The Essentials for New Department Chairs, the companion to this booklet. This collection is designed to help you navigate the further intricacies of your role.

Bringing together in one place for the first time sound advice and proven strategies from experts in the field, these articles from The Department Chair provide practical tips on such topics as post-tenure review, work-life balance for faculty, fundraising, departmental planning, and preparing your administrative résumé. Every selection contains easily accessible strategies and advice that you can put to use immediately. The range of articles covers the important functions of academic departments, and the authors impart the skills and thinking you need to enhance your leadership capabilities. For brand-new department chairs this booklet will provide you with an overview of the complexities of the chair role. For those chairs with a year or two more experience this booklet will provide direction and guidance as you delve more deeply into your responsibilities.

Designed to provide a wealth of strategies in five crucial areas?faculty recruitment and evaluation, faculty mentoring and development, enhancing teaching and building community, departmental initiatives, and chair development and next steps?the expert advice and field-tested techniques presented here offer essential insights into this important chair work. This collection will equip you with lessons to draw from and best practices for leading into the future.

Introduction 1

Faculty Recruitment and Evaluation

New Challenges in Faculty Recruiting 2
by N. Douglas Lees and Gautam Vemuri

Diversity at the Department Level 7
by Lynn M. Maurer, Anthony Q. Cheeseboro, and Patrick Murphy

The Faculty Handbook: A Guide or a Labyrinth? 12
by Jon K. Dalager

The Chair as Evaluation "Charlatan" 17
by Christine M. Licata and N. Douglas Lees

Faculty Mentoring and Development

A Collaborative for Mentoring New Faculty 23
by Suzanne W. Soled, Melissa M. Jones, Daniel W. Doerger, Jaesook L. Gilbert, and Sara K. Eisenhardt

Mentoring Tenured Faculty: Rationales and Programs 28
by Jacquelyn S. Litt, Sheryl A. Tucker, and Jill M. Hermsen

Energizing the Senior Professor 34
by Barbara Oney Garvey

Mentoring and Faculty Development 41
by Carol A. Mullen

Enhancing Teaching and Building Community

Building a Shared Value of Teaching in a Department: What Chairs Can Do 47
by Mary C. Wright

Motivating Faculty to Engage in Service-Learning 51
by Debra Burke

Joyful Chairing: Finding Joy in Committee Work 57
by Kina S. Mallard and Mark L. Sargent

Department Chairs and Work-Life Flexibility for Faculty 61
by Kate Quinn

Engaging Faculty: Departmental Shared Governance

That Works 66 by Mary L. Fisher

Departmental Initiatives

Hitting the Ground Running: Making Strategic Changes 72
by John Paxton

The Department Advisory Board as an Academic Partner 77
by Dan W. French

Reframing Departmental Planning 83
by Mark Putnam

Conducting an Annual Fund Campaign 87
by Jeffrey L. Buller

Chair Development and Next Steps

Administrative Reflection: Focal Points and Considerations for Department Chairs 93
by David A. Birch

Taking Your Administrative Résumé to the Next Level of Excellence 98
by Jeffrey L. Buller

Preparing for Your Departure as Chair 103
by N. Douglas Lees