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Special Papers in Palaeontology, Number 79, Nautiloids before and during the origin of ammonoids in a Siluro-Devonian section in the Tafilalt, Anti-Atlas, Morocco



Special Papers in Palaeontology, Number 79, Nautiloids before and during the origin of ammonoids in a Siluro-Devonian section in the Tafilalt, Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Bjorn Kroger

ISBN: 978-1-405-18770-1 January 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 112 Pages


  • A study of the stratigraphical occurrences of non-ammonoid cephalopods in the Late-Silurian-Middle Devonian.
  • More than 2000 cephalopod specimens were collected from a section in the Tafilalt of south-east Morocco for the study.
  • For the first time, non-ammonoid cephalopod occurrences were recorded against a precisely controlled stratigraphical record in post-Lochkovian Devonian sediments.
  • Includes 16 plates and 23 text-figures.



Open nomenclature.

Terminology of higher taxa.

Morphological terms.

Diversity Measures.

The Locality.

Sedimentary Succession and Stratigraphy.

1. Temperoceras limestone succession.

2. Scyphocrinites limestone succession.

3. Jovellania limestone succession.

4. Pragian-Zlı´chovian limestone succession.

5. Early Eifelian limestone succession.

Interpretation of the Sedimentary Succession.

General remarks.

Description of depositional cycles.

Cephalopod Succession.

Diversity signal.

Morphological signal.

Evolutionary signal.

Systematic Palaeontology.

Class Cepalopoda Cuvier, 1797.

Order Discosorida Flower, in Flower and Kummel 1950.

Family Phragmoceratidae Miller, 1877.

Genus Pseudendoplectoceras gen. nov.

Order Oncocerida Flower, in Flower and Kummel 1950.

Family Brevicoceratidae Flower, 1945.

Genus Brevicoceras Flower, 1938.

Genus Cerovoceras gen. nov.

Family Jovellaniidae Foord, 1888.

Genus Jovellania Bayle, in Bayle and Zeller 1878.

Genus Bohemojovellania Manda, 2001.

Family Karoceratidae Teichert, 1939.

Genus Ankyloceras Zhuravleva, 1974.

Genus Ventrobalashovia gen. nov.

Family Nothoceratidae Fischer, 1882.

Genus Mutoblakeoceras gen. nov.

Genus Tafilaltoceras gen. nov.

Indet. Nothoceratidae.

Family Oncoceratidae Hyatt, 1884.

Genus Orthorizoceras gen. nov.

Order Nautilida Agassiz, 1847.

Family Centroceratidae Hyatt, 1900.

Genus Centroceras Hyatt, 1884.

Order Actinocerida Teichert, 1933.

Family Ormoceratidae Saemann, 1852.

Genus Ormoceras Stokes, 1840.

Genus Deiroceras Hyatt, 1884.

Genus Metarmenoceras Flower, 1940.

Order Pseudothocerida Barskov, 1963.

Family Pseudorthoceratidae Flower and Caster, 1935.

Genus Geidoloceras gen. nov.

Genus Neocycloceras Flower and Caster, 1935.

Genus Probatoceras Zhuravleva, 1978.

Genus Subdoloceras gen. nov.

Genus Subormoceras gen. nov.

Family Spyroceratidae Shimizu and Obata, 1935a.

Genus Spyroceras Hyatt, 1884.

Genus Cancellspyroceras gen. nov.

Genus Diagoceras Flower, 1936.

Genus Suloceras Manda, 2001.

Order Lituitida Starobogatov, 1974.

Family Lamellorthoceratidae Teichert, 1961.

Genus Arthrophyllum Beyrich, 1850.

Family Sphooceratidae Flower, 1962.

Genus Sphooceras Flower, 1962.

Order Orthoceratida Kuhn, 1940.

Family Orthoceratidae McCoy, 1844.

Genus Chebbioceras Klug et al., 2008.

Genus Infundibuloceras Klug et al., 2008.

Genus Kopaninoceras Kiselev, 1969.

Genus Merocycloceras Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Michelinoceras Foerste, 1932.

Genus Orthocycloceras Barskov, 1972.

Genus Pseudospyroceras gen. nov.

Genus Theoceras gen. nov.

Genus Tibichoanoceras gen. nov.

Orthoceratidae gen. et sp. indet.

Family Arionoceratidae Dzik, 1984.

Genus Arionoceras Barskov, 1966.

Genus Adiagoceras gen. nov.

Genus Parakionoceras Foerste, 1928.

Family Dawsonoceratidae Flower, 1962.

Genus Anaspyroceras Shimizu and Obata, 1935a.

Indet. Dawsonoceratidae.

Family Geisonoceratidae Zhuravleva, 1959.

Genus Angeisonoceras gen. nov.

Genus Temperoceras Barskov, 1960.

Family Kionoceratidae Hyatt, 1900.

Genus Kionoceras Hyatt, 1884.

Family Sichuanoceratidae Zhuravleva, 1978.

Genus Sichuanoceras Chang, 1962.

Family Sphaerorthoceratidae Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Sphaerorthoceras Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Akrosphaerorthoceras Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Hemicosmorthoceras Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Parasphaerorthoceras Ristedt, 1968.

Genus Plagiostomoceras Teichert and Glenister, 1952.

Order Bactritida Shimansky, 1951.

Family Bactritidae Hyatt, 1884.

Genus Bactrites Sandberger, 1843.

Genus Devonobactrites Shimansky, 1962.

Genus Lobobactrites Schindewolf, 1932.

List of New Combinations.